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Here we are with Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 200, read to know more

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No one thought it was Tsukasa who invented a love letter. Now in Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 200, she continues her legacy. Well, fans love her style and how hard she strives to reach her goals. But this new boy seems to help her and do what no one of her dreamed of. So what happens next to the story? Here’s everything you need to know about the next story. Now, in Chapter 200, Tsukasa will help the noble boy and finally find her lover.

They come together and lead to an up-and-coming friendship between him and Tsukasa. For her revenge on her, he decides to reach her goal. NASA also plays a major role in Fly


What Happens Next? 

Tsukasa is the inventor of the love letter. However, it remains unclear how she found out about the invention of paper. She seems to have learned it from someone else. It may have been NASA that used it in Tsukasa, so she learned of a love letter from NASA and asked her friends for advice. Furthermore, the next chapter will also focus on the relationship between NASA and Tsukasa. The biggest question here is whether NASA will give her a love letter. 

Meanwhile, Tsukasa works on her goals. So her new boyfriend could help her. He introduces her to someone who can teach her about medicines and the herbs they can use as medicines. It will greatly help her save her father. Meanwhile,  with the help of Tsukasa’s plan, the aristocrat finds his loved one. 

A summary! 

Earlier, in  Chapter 199 of Fly Me to the Moon, Tsukasa was upset to learn that another family was suffering from a terminal illness. She only wanted to help her father because she was only with her. Her family died of illness one after another,  and now her father is also ill. When she thought about it, she found a noble boy and asked him what had happened.


At first, he refused to reveal anything. So Tsukasa decided to leave the place. But soon, the boy said he was rejected by his loved one. Tsukasa asked him to tell her everything so she could help him and give her advice.  Tsukasa then bought her paper and told her to write down her feelings for the girl. It may help him impress the girl, and she will eventually begin to feel for him.

Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 200 Release Date 

The Fly Me to the Moon 200 will be available on July 24, 2022. It will be published on the official websites of Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao. It will reveal more about Tsukasa’s invention and how she gets help in achieving her goals. NASA also plays an important role in Tsukasa’s life. stay tuned.  Anime Daily keeps you up to date with all the details.

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