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Kengan Omega Chapter 168-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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Kengan Ashura (Kengan Ashura) is a Japanese manga series written by Yabako Sandrovich and drawn by Daromeon. It was posted on the Shogakukan Ura Sunday website from April 2012 to August 2018, and the chapter was compiled into a 27-volume book. The sequel called Kengan Omega started in January 2019. This was adopted in the original Net Animation Anime Series (ONA). Part of the first 12 episodes premiered on Netflix in July 2019. Part of the second 12 episodes premiered in October 2019. The sequel has been announced.

Kengan Omega is one of the most popular Japanese manga series, first published on April 18, 2012. The series became hugely popular with just a few chapter premieres, and new chapters have been added. Yes! Chapter 168 has finally premiered, and several chapters of Kengan Omega Chapter 168 have aired. Fans are amazed by this series.

 Release Date: Kengan Omega Chapter 168 will be released on July 21, 2022. Most fans curiously wanted to know the release date, time, cast, and other details of Kengan Ashura Chapter 168.


Release Date and Time 

Kengan Omega is one of the most popular Japanese manga series, first published on April 18, 2012. The series gained great popularity with just a few chapters premiered, with new chapters added. Yes! Chapter 168 was finally premiered, and several chapters of Kengan Ashura 168 were aired. Fans are amazed at this series. After the premiere of the previous chapter, I’m excited to know when the next chapter, Chapter 168 of Kengan Omega, will be released. When will the next chapter, Chapter 168, come out? Now, Kengan Omega Chapter 168 will be released on July 21, 2022. 


Kengan Omega is currently one of the hottest series of episodes released in a row. Kengan Omega’s engaging story can be seen as one of the main reasons why the series has become so popular and makes fans search for Kengan Omega Chapter 168, which I shared in the section above.

Since reading is an activity that everyone participates in, it is clear that many platforms have been developed and released to make it easier for many to start reading. Many popular reading platforms these days publish manga on those platforms. The availability of these various platforms is also the reason for the increased popularity of manga as these platforms are required with minimal effort. However, apart from the online platform, there are also various websites where these mangas are published. When can I expect the release of 

As mentioned earlier, the Kengan Omega Chapter 168 will be released shortly. Fans of the series have been waiting for the release of  Kengan Ashua Chapter 168 since the release of the last chapter. The final chapter of Kengan Ashura is of interest to fans about what will happen in future episodes. This may be the reason why so many people are looking for a release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 168.



Since the Edo period in Japan, gladiator arenas have existed in various forms around the world. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hired gladiators to fight in unarmed winner-all combat called Kengan matches. Kazuo Yamashita, an average Japanese employee of the Nogi Group, witnesses a street fight in an alleyway between two mysterious fighters. One of the fighters, Tokita “Ashura” Oma, is tracked down by Hideki Nogi, CEO of Nogi Group, for defeating the previous fighter in a street fight. Kazuo is busy managing Oma who enters these arenas just to crush his opponents. His brilliant ability to defeat enemies attracted the attention of large corporations and he participated in the Kengan Ashura Tournament at the invitation of Hideki. The tournament will be held by Japan’s largest CEO, and the winner will be the president of the Kengan Association, which boasts enormous power and fame. When the tournament begins, Oma tests his strength while suffering from a mysterious past, and Kazuo manages Oma and struggles to find the true intent of why he was invited to this tournament.

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