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Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 113 read now!

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This week, Oyama and Akutsu are not seen in the previous house. Instead, they will be on the field to add action to the athletic meet event. Oyama decided to participate in a three-legged race with Acts in every match. On his final outing, Oyama trained with Acts for the competition. Akutsu-san I have summarized what you need to know before reading Episode 113 “Please go home”. In the next chapter, Oyama shows how he motivates Akutsu, who is nervous before the start of the game. Whether they won or lost, they returned to Oyama’s house and had a sports festival together.

Many chapters of the manga were brought to the table this week. Fans didn’t expect many chapters to be released at once. And the story unfolded in many ways. On the final outing, Acts’ greatest secret was revealed after her parents learned that Oyama was a boy rather than a girl. Now her father wants to meet the boy personally. It will be interesting to see what happens when Papa Acts meets Oyama in Mr. Please Go Home Acts Chapter 113. Fans can catch up on Oyama’s reaction to this revelation in the following storyline. And meeting with his friend’s parents is not something he can do. But this outing is sure to bring lots of laughs from readers.  Please go home Akutsu-san


What will happen next?

Things get even worse for Acts after his parents get caught up in a friendship with Oyama. At first, the girl couldn’t even admit that the boyfriend she was with was a boy, not a girl. This is the first time fans have learned that Acts lied to parents other than Oyama. It was revealed that Oyama had said he was one of his friends. However, now that his father finds out that Oyama is a boy, he is more and more interested in getting to know him.  Go home Mr. Akutsu Chapter 113 continues this confusion. Akutsu tries his best to cancel the meeting between his friend and his father. But when the meeting takes place, all the beans are spilled one by one. 

Summary of the previous chapter! 

Go Home Mr. Akutsu Chapter 112.5 was a short excursion that began with Akutsu telling his mother that he left alcohol in Oyama for the last time. But the woman didn’t remember it. However, her mother apologized and asked Acts to deliver a message. Acts’ father suddenly began asking questions about the boy. So MC told him he was one of her special friends. 


However, Acts did not mention that Oyama was a boy, not a girl. Her mother suddenly stood up and said that everyone should go to Oyama’s house and personally thank “her” for her help. However, the situation got worse and Papa Akutsu got involved, saying she wanted to meet Oyama in person to say thank you.

Release Date 

In the next release of Mr. Acts, MC will return to his senior’s house. But apart from that, fans are waiting to see the confession between the two. Oyama is certainly not the person who can do such a brave act.  Please go home Akutsu-san Chapter 113 introduces how this action is done. The final release date for this chapter is July 22, 2022. 

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