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Sacrificed Princess And The King Of Beasts Anime is no less than a Disney movie

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Samurai Princess and the King of Beasts
is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yui Tomofuji. It was serialized in Hakusensha’s girls’ manga magazine Hana to Yume from November 2015 to October 2020. Licensed by YenPress in North America. The animated television series adaptation is set to premiere in 2023.


The King of Beasts and Demons regularly receives human sacrifices and dines to assert his people’s supremacy over humanity. However, the 99th victim, Sarifi, a human girl brought to the city, fascinates the Beast King.

She is not afraid of him or other beasts and accepts their death without begging or crying because she has no home or family to return to if released. Realizing that, she allowed her to stay on his side as his spouse, even though she was human until Sarifi became the Queen of the Demon Beasts.

A new visual that announces the animation of the fantasy love story “Sacrifice Princess and the King of Beasts” based on the manga of the same name by Yu Tomofuji. The series, also known in Japanese as “Niehime and the King of Kemono”, is familiar to fans of Western fairy tales. It incorporates elements of the Beauty and the Beast story.

It is unknown what voices characters like the strong-willed Princess Sarifi and the King of Cold Beasts will have. For now, fans can only make their predictions. Similarly, an animation studio has yet to be announced along with a director for the series. The show is set to release next year, so stay tuned for more!

Anyone interested in upcoming anime can check out the manga anytime in the meantime. With fairy tales and romantic themes, the King of Kemono from Niehime will be a perfect fan of The Ancient Magus’ Bride in 2017. Fans who talk about Beauty and the Beast can also watch the animated movie “Belle and the Beast.”

What is the plot of Princess Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts? In distant lands, there is a society where beasts roam freely. The beasts ruled by the terrifying king leave humanity alone and seek only one sacrifice. Sarifi is one such victim. And while she is the 99th girl who devotes her life to relieving the king’s wrath, she is not without controversy.

Sarifi or Sari condemns the beast – claiming that its cruelty leads to a lonely life. He tells her to duck in front of him, but her girl is happy with the thought of her death. She accepts that there is no real escape, even if she escapes because neither her family nor her life will come back. This worries the king.

There is still time until the Day of the Sacrifice. And while Sari’s ability to smile in such anxious situations is beyond the imagination of the Beast King, he claims she is by his side. It is his wish that she fears him as others fear her, but the beast may be forced to change his mind while the two spend time together.

Where can I read the manga of Sacrificial Princess and the Beast King? Japanese readers can get a total of 15 volumes of manga, including special editions, through Hakusensha. Get a copy of the paperback from Amazon and Rakuten. Or read the series digitally on sites such as eBookJapan where you can enjoy the entire series for free until May 19th.
English-speaking fans are also lucky.

Volume 15 will be available in English on April 26th, making the entire series available. Head to Empress to find comics in paperback and eBook format from major retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In addition to the anime adaptation, Sagehime and the Beast King is also working on a spin-off manga to be published in Hana to Yume – the same shoujo magazine that currently publishes Akatsuki no Yona and Skips Beat. is! The series will begin this summer and will continue through the fall.

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