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We got “To Your Eternity” Season 2 for you, read now!

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To Your Eternity is a shounen anime and manga series that follows Fushi’s story to the Immortal You. The anime is very existential and the immortal is a bullet-turned stone then a wolf and now a human to see what it means and what it’s like to be human. It takes the form of many beings that you understand. Despite being immortal, the character can and does die throughout the series, but he comes every time, so his story is told over the years, and his journey is woven through some very difficult philosophies. to address technical questions.

Earlier this year, Anime released a trailer showing never-before-seen clips of season 2 and providing information on the studio switch. However, even after Studio Drive took over the production of the series, they have given no information as to when it will be released. Animation also saw a change of director. Not much can be collected from the
trailer itself. The graphics are very well animated, but the information is not yet officially subtitled and fans are unaware of what the narrator is saying. There’s a scene where Nokken terrorizes a town, a mysterious albino character in disguise and other new characters, but not much else.

The story description states that Fushi will have to give up hope for humanity this season, so the story will likely center around how that happened and how he regains that hope. will expand to

The release date for To Your Eternity season 2 has been set for October 2022, the fall anime season. NHK announced the release date for Season 2 on August 30, 2021, just before Episode 20 was streamed on Crunchyroll. It’s episode 20. As recently revealed in Anime Otaku, the plot pacing of the manga predicted that the second season would once again be split into two courses.

When will To Your Eternity 2 be released and what story will the second anime series focus on? The melancholy yet highly acclaimed manga series “To Your Eternity” was conceived by Yoshitoki Oima, the creator of the movie A Silent Voice, and made its debut in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in late 2016. This series follows an immortal makeover named Fushi. Fushi can take the form of the person or thing he interacts with and is sent to Earth by a mysterious higher force known as the beholder to monitor and protect humanity.

Animation studio Brain’s Base has partnered with Corpse Princess director Masahiko Murata to direct the animation of To Your Eternity streamed on Crunchyroll in the first season of 2021.

Thanks to its success, the second season of the anime series was immediately confirmed. Here’s everything we know about To Your Eternity Season 2, including the plot, creative team, and release date.

Creative team

Certain crew members, including writer Shinzo Fujita, will return for To Your Eternity season 2, but the series will feature a new studio and director, according to the official teaser trailer released in April 2022.

Horror manga Studio Drive, which is based on Uzumaki, will produce Eien e 2, and Kiyoko Sayama (Amanchu!) will be directing Masahiko Murata.


Which parts of the manga will adapt to your eternal season 2? you will be able to So far, the anime has adapted the first 54 chapters of the Oma manga, and its first season saw To Your Eternity’s protagonist Fushi lose his closest companion Piolan and the good old anime time warp.

Ended up living in isolation for decades. With that in mind, To Your Eternity Season, 2 will continue to pick up Chapter 55 to cover the manga’s “Guardians Arc,” where old Fushi wanders a more modern world and meets new characters. It has been. In the middle.

When To Your Eternity Season 2 was first announced, it was given a rather vague fall 2022 release date, but some anime-focused outlets have said it could premiere in October 2022. I predict it will.

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