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Has the Dragon Chapter 9 releasing date been announced or will the audience have to wait for a few more days?

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With comedy and slice-of-life genres, the Ruri Dragon anime system gives a very captivating plot. It’s like receiving a Christmas gift when a new manga series is launched, and the current Shonen manga, titled Ruri Diamond, was already available for readers. Don’t forget to read this article through to the conclusion if you want to learn more about some of the most recent continuing graphic novels, Ruri Dragon. The manga book Ruri Dragon seems to have a very captivating plot that combines humor and pepperoni elements. A new manga series is like a surprise gift for the fans, and now Ruri Diamond, the most recent Shonen manga to be produced, is available for reading online. Keep reading to the end of the post to learn more about the most recent current manga series, Ruri Dragon.

Coming story of the Dragon Chapter 9 

In the middle of an interview, Ruri inquires about her friends’ level of fear of him. People start to be confused about what the term Ruri means. She continued by stating that even though nothing is usual, they simultaneously sit, talk, and study as if it were. Ruri is anything but normal because she is a serious fire serpent. Ruri further acknowledges it’s somewhat frightening considering she is unable to foretell when the next adventure involving dragons will occur. She asserts that everyone at her school took to the news as is customary. Since no one had commented, she began to worry about what everyone was thinking of her. Her friend Kashiro chuckles and comments because they believe Ruri to be more entertaining than terrifying. Ruri’s friends tell her that a year after her fire mishap, her mother attended a public university and spoke to the entire class. Ruri had been practicing at home, she called and informed everyone. This informed them that they had nothing to be afraid of. When Ruri gets home, she questions her mom about how the school already knew about her. Her mother tells her that the school was informed of her and her abilities. Before playing Mario on the Wii, the two of them eat dinner together. Then, in a kind statement, Ruri says that she merely wants to keep going to school, regardless of how dragonlike she develops.

What is the date of the show’s releasing

Everyone here is anxiously awaiting the publication of the newest book of Ruri Dragon, as we are aware. We are patiently awaiting Ruri Dragon chapter 6 along with others, and we are interested in hearing any changes on the worldwide release. However, so no need to worry because Ruri Dragon chapters 9’s release date has been announced, and it will be accessible starting on August 7th, 2022. There were no raw scans available for Ruri Dragon Chapter 9. Usually three to four days before to the scheduled release, these unfinished scans start making the rounds online.



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