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One Piece Episode 1025-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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One Piece is one of the most successful running anime of all time. Over time, it has garnered a huge fan base. Now this anime has returned with the 1025th episode and fans can’t keep calm. The title of the 1025th Episode is “The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors’ Deadly Attack!”

What is the plot of this episode?

The Nine Red Scabbards and Izou battle off the Kanjuro-controlled Oden as the members of the Worst Generation combat Kaidou and Big Mom, realizing that he is trying to track down and kill Momonosuke. The phony Oden starts fighting with Denjiro and sets off a bomb on his chest to kill everyone there. But Ashura Doji catches him and tells the others to look for and safeguard Momonosuke. As Ashura reflects on his time as a Kozuki vassal, Oden and Ashura tumble out of a window; they hit the ground below and explode, killing Ashura. Kanjuro declares that he intends to kill the young lord and then commit suicide, putting an end to his life’s play, as he dashes through the corridors hunting for Momonosuke. Orochi, meantime, knocks over an oil barrel in another room and lights it on fire, which swiftly spreads to the adjacent walls.

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Izou and the seven Red Scabbards still alive start looking for Momonosuke, but they soon come across Jack, who is encircled by dead Mink warriors. Nekomamushi threatens to kill him, but Inuarashi orders the team to keep seeking Momonosuke because he wants to go up against Jack. Since Inuarashi can’t utilize Sulong without being able to see the Moon, Jack claims it will be a simple battle. Inuarashi responds that there isn’t any toxic gas, and the two prepare for battle.

People on the Live Floor are seeing Queen as she lies on the ground after being hit by Chopper. But Queen, furious that Chopper had both healed the Ice Oni and assaulted him, stands up right away. Marco blocks Queen’s strike, bringing him down once again, as she charges a Black Coffee at Chopper. Queen vows to defeat Marco and Chopper as he gets to his feet, despite Chopper’s assurance that they would prevail first.

How does the episode end?

one piece

The members of the Worst Generation determine it would be too challenging to battle Kaidou and Big Mom at the same time, while the Emperors decide to launch a coordinated attack to try and eliminate them. Eustass Kid asks Trafalgar Law to take any one of them downstairs, but Law responds that if he could, he would have already done so and that their potent Haki is preventing him from doing so. Hakai, a combined attack between both the two Emperors, is launched. The onslaught is unavoidable for the members of the Worst Generation, and Roronoa Zoro is compelled to deflect it, rocking the entire island. Zoro is nearly immobilized after the attack, resting on the ground while grasping his sides.

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