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Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 2-Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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In Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 2, things get even weirder, especially as Pharma discovers more about his abilities. He has experienced a lot, but he is still aware of his previous existence. So it will be simpler for him to employ his talents to enchant this parallel universe. Will his new family, however, support him in his endeavors?

It appears that Pharma will have a lot less trouble in the future episode. He will eventually speak with the royal family and his father. He can live the life of his dreams with their assistance. Someone will keep an eye on them in the meanwhile. Let’s find out who it will be.


What will happen in Episode 2 of Parallel World Pharmacy?

After finally discovering his abilities, Pharma will work on himself in Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 2, “Master and Apprentice.” After learning about his abilities, the young pharmacist will decide to assist those in need. He can identify ailments with the help of his Divine Eyes, and he will speak with his father about opening a drugstore. His father would initially question his abilities because he is aware that his son suffers from amnesia. But will be astounded to witness him working tirelessly to heal others.

Pharma will also discover that his family just works for the royal family, and he won’t be happy to find out this. He will therefore enlist the aid of his father and other royal family relations to launch his drugstore. Along with his servant, his tutor Eleonore will aid him in achieving this. But first, he must establish his credibility. The evil creature will be emerging in the interim. He’ll concentrate on bringing down the de Medicis clan. Will Pharma succeed in rescuing his people?

A recap of the previous episode:


In the first episode of Parallel World Pharmacy, Kanji Yukatani served as an enthusiastic pharmacist who was driven to discover treatments for illnesses. In honor of his late sister, he carried out this action. But regrettably, he passed away from burnout while sleeping. He unexpectedly awoke in a brand-new universe as a young child by the name of Pharma de Medicis. His kin served as the royal family’s physicians. He quickly discovered the existence of Divine Arts and that he could summon all the elements in the periodic table using his understanding of chemistry.

Pharma persuaded his father to permit him to continue his studies despite his amnesia. Later, he went back to Eleonore, his master, who had taught him about the Divine Arts, which are None, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. However, None was extinct and scarce. But he chose to keep his ability to call forth all the elements a secret. Eleonore, however, saw there was a problem. Pharma developed his magical skills day by day until he attained the Divine Eye, which allowed him to see illness and injury. Eleonore, on the other hand, thought Pharma was a monster when she discovered that his body couldn’t cast a shadow.

What is the release date of episode 2 of Parallel World Pharmacy?

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 2, which is titled “Master And Apprentice,” has already aired on July 17, 2022, at 9.30 pm JST. It is available on Japanese Local Networks such as BS NTV, Kansai TV, Tokyo MX, and AT-X.

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