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Another Self Season 1: Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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The carousel “1988 Bursa.” Could our past be preserved even if we are not aware of it, asks a narrator. A young child riding the carousel observes her father purchasing a pomegranate for her. Her father, however, collapses to the ground as someone approaches him.


A prize is being given to Dr. Ada Korkamaz (Tuba Büyüküstün) for her work in breast cancer surgery. Although she is receiving chemotherapy, her buddy Sevgi (Boncuk Yilmaz) is present to witness her get the honor. Ada objects when Sevgi asks her for a ride to the seaside town of Ayvalik.

Sevgi visits Dr. Zaman (Firat Tanis), a spiritualist in Ayvalik, who doesn’t make any medical claims but believes that the body’s response to suppressed trauma can exacerbate disorders like Sevgi’s. Ada and Leyla are in town while Sevgi spends the day with Zaman. Ada stumbles into Toprak (Murat Boz), an old flame, which confuses her. She already has a fellowship in mind in Brussels that will keep her away from her husband Selim (Serkan Altunorak), but now that Toprak has returned, their breakup’s scars have been reopened.

Sevgi returns from Zaman’s retreat renewed, although she is unable to speak for a month. Selim is irritated that Ada didn’t tell him how long the fellowship was when she told him about it during that month, and Leyla’s cheating husband Erdem (Serkan Altunorak) informs her that they are broke. Sevgi invites Ada and Leyla to experience Zaman’s methods as well after receiving positive results from her blood tests and starting a new life in Ayvalik. She also shares how that day with Zaman helped her unburden herself of repressed feelings around the loss of her father. Ada, a scientist at heart, protests, but when she recognizes a familiar face at Zaman’s retreat, she begins to worry.


It’s intriguing how Ada and Leyla first seem to be leading rather content lives. Certain problems exist between them, such as Erdem’s affair or Selim’s unwillingness to completely support Ada’s work. It would be interesting to see how Ada’s perspective develops throughout the process as well as how her marriage will be impacted by her proximity to Toprak. Ada claims that what Zaman does is pure hokum when she tries to persuade Sevgi to not go to Zaman’s retreat.

Even though some of the playacting isn’t a true representation of what had happened, Sevgi was sufficiently shocked by it to finally explain how she had been feeling her entire life.


STREAM IT. Another Self features three charismatic actors, gorgeous coastal scenery, and a plot that could pretty much go anywhere.

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