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Attack of Titan season 4 part 2: Ending Explained!!

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Even though Attack on Titan, a contemporary anime series, debuted in 2013, the series is only now in the middle of its fourth season due to numerous production hiccups. Almost four years after the debut of season 1, its second season began. The third season was then divided into two halves, with a roughly six-month interval between them. Even though the three-year gap between its first and third seasons was somewhat less severe than the four-year gap between its previous two, it nonetheless served to extend the time it would take to develop the series to its eventual completion.

Attack on Titan’s last season, directed by MAPPA rather than Wit Studio, debuted in December 2020. It was billed as the show’s final installment. With knowledge of its comic book inspiration, some fans were perplexed by the season’s seeming 16 episodes and questioned how the little number of episodes could cover all of the remaining story beats. After those 16 episodes had aired, MAPPA revealed that the show will return for the second portion of its final season, which would serve as a mirror between parts one and two.

What is the plot of Season 4 part 2?

attack on titans

Eren Yeager, the series’ central character, will probably take center stage when Attack on Titan returns, and he will probably continue to be the show’s major subject going forward. When Eren initially emerged in season 4, he attacked the country of Marley and massacred a large number of defenseless people. After that, Eren appeared to be at odds with almost everyone, and the weight of that flagrant war crime loomed over the once-heroic protagonist. Then, in the final two episodes of season 4 part 1, it was revealed that Eren was allegedly working with his half-brother Zeke on a scheme to sterilize every Eldian to put an end to the misery experienced by those who possess titan powers and those who do not. The series, which was already gloomy, became slightly darker.


Fans have hypothesized that Eren had another plan to put an end to both human and titan-human misery and was simply pretending to cooperate with Zeke’s sterilization scheme. Given that Eren was always portrayed sympathetically to viewers until season 4, Eren’s redemption arc is likely to be featured at the season’s end. In any event, before Attack on Titan’s end, the conflict between the country of Marley and the series’ recurring Eldian characters should also be settled, whether by Eren or another figure untouched by the murder of innocents.

Trailer release:

Along with the news that season 4 part 2 will be released in the winter, MAPPA also revealed a little trailer for Attack on Titan’s comeback. Its return date is just briefly mentioned in the trailer’s 15 seconds of runtime. Only the fact that the second half of the season will soon be available and the date on which it will air are provided in this first peek at the show’s return.

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