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Finally Akutsu confessed!!! Please go home akutsu-san chapter 107

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Please go home Akutsu-san which is commonly and also known as the Kartte Kudasai is a Japanese manga series. It is written by Taichi Nagaoka and also has been illustrated by him only. It has been serialized on the Young Ace Up manga website by Kadokawa Shoten since July 2019. The characters of the story include Kota Oyama, a second-year high school boy who doesn’t want Akutsu-san to go home as he is a little attracted to her. Riko Akutsu is Oyama’s classmate and she always hangs out with him in his room to read the manga she also is attracted to him. Misaki Tanak, a friend of Riko Akutsu always teases her about her attraction to Oyama. The series is about a boy Kota Oyama who lives alone and is a high school student in his second year. One day all of a sudden Riko Akutsu decides to come to his room to hang out, read manga, play with him, eat snacks and enjoy with him. Now he is obsessed with her so he does not want her to go back home. As he is also worried about the fact that she might go to some other guy’s room to hang out if she goes back.


Chapter 106

The last chapter of the series “please go home Akutsu-san”, came out to be a little surprising for the readers. The start of the episode was with Akutsu heading toward their room of Oyama. She talks about the weather being humid today and he said the same thing when she came inside his house. As he was really scared of her at the start. So Akutsu asks him if he is still afraid of her but he simply denies her. Then she started telling him about how she felt when they first met. At the start, she used to think of him to be an introvert. This made her decide to get his house. But since they are friends, she doesn’t have those intentions now. The chapter then ended with Akutsu explaining that she didn’t want to make things awkward as she was in the middle of a conversation and uttered “like”.


Episode 107

The next episode is going to be a lot more interesting as we will see them sorting about the last awkward situation that was made because of the like word Akutsu used in the middle of the conversation. Also, we will see that Oyama asks her about the feelings she got after they spent so much time together. Akutsu confesses that she liked him. So the next chapter, chapter 107 of Please go home Akutsu-san, will tell us about if her confession was a mistake or her intention. But all know the fact that Oyama is never going to forget this day.

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