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Is friendship finally happening between Hizuru & Heina in episode 14 of Summer time Rendering?

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The most recent anime from Anime Studio OLM, which is most known for creating critically and commercially successful anime like Komi Can’t Communicate and Odd Taxi is Summer Time Render. The series is under the direction of Ayumu Watanabe, whose previous work for OLM includes the studio-produced films Komi Can’t Communicate and Space Brothers. The animation is based on a Yasunori Tanaka manga.

The series is also referred to as Summertime Rendering or Summertime Render, making this episode’s name also Summer Time Rendering Episode 14

What will happen in episode 14 of Summertime Rendering?

episode 14

In Summer Time Rendering Episode 14, “To Be Not To Be,” Shinpei and Ushio will still be at odds. Shinpei is aware of his talent, but there is still plenty to learn. Before Haine unleashes her full potential, he still needs to learn how to handle this power. If she exerts all of her authority, their situation will drastically change. Apart from this, Shinpei is unaware that he is slowly perishing. He will eventually pass away if he continues to exercise his abilities and guess what Haine knew about it. She is thus anticipating the day. She has remained silent primarily for that reason.

In addition, it is still unclear how Ushio and Hizuru came to know one another. It will, at last, make clear how Ushio used her abilities to go through the time and meet Hizuru. so that she can aid her. But what was most intriguing was that Hizuru and Heine were accustomed to getting along. Heine went to Berserk, though, to sate her appetite. But shortly after, several things happened, and that is how Ryunosuke came to exist. Ryunosuke was developed by Hizuru. Most unexpectedly, Hizuru remembered Ushio and Shinpei. They awoke for this reason before raiding the Kobayakawa household. But their objective was abandoned. So, with Ushio’s assistance, Shinpei gathered everyone from Nittogashima Elementary School to begin their loop.

Recap of the previous episode:

episode 14

Shinpei already understood that his talent went beyond time travel and time looping in Summer Time Rendering Episode 13. But because he could maneuver between the parallel walls, it felt more like a battle. Haine took a while because of this. It was unsettling to witness Haine’s prowess and how quickly she located Shinpei even though he was traveling alone. However, things got even worse when Ushio and Shinpei realized they had no choice but to continue fighting. The most stunning detail, however, was that Ushio gifted Shinpei Haine’s right eye. He was able to move between parallel barriers because of this.

But they didn’t have much time to learn how to travel across time. This is because time advances whenever they move in it. Shinpei, however, discovered how to manage the time loop and when to travel back in time. Furthermore, Ushio’s two additional powers were also made known in the previous episode. By touching people and dragging across objects from the previous loop, she can transmit memories.

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