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Is it back after 10 years?? Hyouka Anime!!!

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Hyouka Anime Series is originally a copied manga series that was of the same name as this. The creator of the series is Taskohna who has written it and also the series is illustrated by him. It has already released its 14 volumes and is continuing at its regular pace. So we can further expect new chapters to come along. The series got its anime adaptation too by the Studio Kyoto Animation. The characters of the story include Hotara Oreki, the main character of the story who doesn’t like to do work but when he does, he does it quickly. He doesn’t like anyone to see and know about his talent. Eru Chitanda, a girl who also joins the Literature Club along with Hotara, she is a girl full of energy and is from the roots of a wealthy family. Satoshi Fukube is also one of Hotaru’s classmates, he is sharp with his memory and calls himself a human database. The last but not the least member of the literature club is Mayaka Ibara, she gets friends with Eru and this makes her relationship go well with Hotaro too. She loves to draw manga and this is her only passion.



The series revolves around our main character Hotaro Oreki who is non-energetic. He was sent to join Kamiyama High School’s Classic Literature Club at the request of his elder sister. He was then accompanied by the joining of Eru Chitanda, Satoshi Fukube, and Mayaka Ibara. The story is going on in the city of Kamiyama, which is a hypothetically made city. Which is originally Gifu the hometown of the author of the series. And the hypothetical high school is Hida High School. The story then continues with them all solving various mysteries for their club and also Eru’s requests so.


Release date

Looks like we are going to have a good month this time as the long-awaited series “Hyouka Anime” has finally returned after ten years of gap. Till now only one season has been released through a Japanese Mystery Novel. The creators were probably waiting for a good time for the launch of the series and the good time has finally arrived. The series was a super hit so the comeback of the series was necessary. Although the fixed date has not been decided yet, we can still tell you how long you have to wait.  We are sure about the fact that the series is now returning as the makers have themselves said about it. But there is also something that you should know about, the makers and the official people have just told us about it to return and not the exact date of it to return. Also, there are no such announcements about the series to continue its making process. So the series might not come up soon. But the time expected for it to launch is said to be mid-2023.

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