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Is it going to be disappointing in A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 13?

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A Couple of Cuckoos’ first season concluded with episode 12, and what a fantastic episode it was. It succeeds in striking that elusive ideal mix between comedy and drama. You’ll laugh and grin while watching it, and your cast iron heart will also feel warmed.

After nearly a week’s break, episode 13 is finally available. The first episode of the series’ second season will be this one. The anticipation and expectations for this episode are at an all-time high following episode 12’s incredible conclusion. However, let’s move cautiously and find out through this succinct review if this episode is any good.

A recap of the previous episode:

episode 13

Nagi’s discovery of his future harem scenario serves as the central theme of episode 12. Hiro asked him to go with her to the gym, and that was the start of it. Even though Nagi was there to assist Hiro in honing her kickboxing technique, in his opinion, the date was still fantastic. Unbeknownst to him, Erika, who was walking past the gym, noticed the two of them having a good time, with Nagi especially portraying such a contented expression.

Soon later, Erika pushed Nagi into going on an unplanned date with her. She took him everywhere and engaged in a variety of activities, including jogging and shopping. However, none of those things can make Nagi appear as content as he did when he recently went on a date with Hiro. And that enraged her to the point where she unintentionally implied that she was jealous of Hiro. And it was at that point that Nagi understood he might be in a harem situation. He is completely and utterly perplexed as to whom he truly loves.

What is the plot of episode 13?

episode 13

The shock Nagi experienced upon realizing that he no longer knows which of the three girls he loves is the subject of episode 13 is explored. He is so preoccupied with this problem that he is unable to think clearly. He did poorly on an exam as a result, earning his first-ever 13th-place finish.

Receiving the 13th rank gives Nagi, who believes that his academic performance is the sole positive aspect of himself, a horrible existential crisis. Thankfully, Erika was able to cheer him up and convince him to stop being so critical of himself. Unfortunately for Nagi, Hiro notices that she is relying more on Erika than she does herself and that they are growing closer. Hiro is therefore envious, much like Erika was in the previous episode. She decided to stay away from Nagi for now. Nagi must now make her feel better and regain her interest.

It is extremely puzzling how the showrunners were able to make Episode 13, which marks the start of the second half of A Couple of Cuckoos, feel like a filler or throwaway episode. Yes, the entire purpose of this episode is to depict Nagi becoming confused before standing back up. But because of the prior episode, we already know that he is perplexed. And just to show him getting back on his feet doesn’t take an entire episode. This episode has no point. Unfortunately, the 13th episode is so painfully subpar after the 12th, which was so potent.

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