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Kokyu No Karasu Anime Recap, release date, time, and many more information 

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Kku Shirakawa and Ayuko are the authors and illustrators of the Japanese light novel series Raven of the Inner Palace, which is popularly known as Kokyu no Karasu. Since April 2018, Shueisha has released seven volumes under their Shueisha Orange Bunko imprint. In October 2022, Bandai Namco Pictures will debut an anime television series.
The “Chinese Fantasy Tale” novel series, with drawings by manga artist Ayuko (Kimi to Eureka, Haru to Arashi), has been published by Shueisha’s entertainment novel label Orange Bunko since April 2018. The final seventh volume is scheduled for release in Japan on April 21, 2022. The series’ entire print run has topped one million copies, according to the publisher.
The Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed it for its English production. An anime adaptation or the same has also been announced.

What is the Storyline of Kokyu No Karasu anime?

An illustrated book by Ayuko and written by Koko Shirakawa has also served as the inspiration for anime. A concubine who resides in the emperor’s palace is the focus of the story. She has never been invited to the emperor’s rooms despite being a concubine. She is a strange woman, and while some declare she looks like a little girl, others insist she is an elderly woman. She is a proficient magician, however, and she assists people with everything from casting curses to locating lost objects. The emperor summons her one day, and their meeting is going to alter the path of human history.


Who are the main characters and main production team of Kokyu No Karasu anime?

The primary cast of Kokyu no Karasu was reported previously and it comprises:
Masaki Mizunaka as Ka Koshun
Saku Mizuno as Ryu Jusetsu
Taku Yashiro as Eisei
Marika Kono as Jiujiu
Shinji Takeuchi (Gintama) is in charge of character designs, while Marika Kono as Jiujiu Satomi Oshima from Sataraki Man composes the series. The soundtrack is being written by Moriarty the Patriot composer Asami Tachibana.

A 2021 anime adaptation was confirmed on December 14th. Later, it was revealed to be a television series created by Bandai Namco Pictures under the direction of Chizuru Miyawaki. Satomi Ooshima was in charge of the scripts, Shinji Takeuchi was responsible for evolving Ayuko’s character designs for animation, and Asami Tachibana was in charge of the music. The film will debut in October 2022.

What is the release date for Teaser?


The first teaser trailer has already been released as scheduled on April 21, 2022. Along with that, the PV was also unveiled in December of last year along with news that the novel’s circulation had topped 900,000 copies.

Click on the link given below, if you wish to see the official trailer of Kokyu no Karasu. This trailer is available along with the English subtitles.

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