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Slave Harem In The Labyrinth Of Another World Episode 5-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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The following episode of the anime is Slave Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World Episode 5. The previous outing included a large adult harem and was met with divided fan opinion. Because of this, the majority of websites were able to publish it after being censored. However, several websites published the program without any restrictions. Right now, Roxanne and Michio are attempting to comprehend one another’s personalities. Additionally, the prior episode also made some aspects of Roxanne’s personality known.

The anime’s story wheel will be turned with the upcoming episode. Roxanne was to follow Michio into the labyrinth, per his order. She made a firm commitment to assist Michio in the labyrinth till she passed away. The Labyrinth’s risks, however, are still undefined. Nobody is sure what Roxanne and Michio will experience in the upcoming episode. Furthermore, Roxanne’s swordsmanship is not demonstrated in the anime’s earlier episodes.


The fifth episode of Slave Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World will feature a lot of action and revelations. Roxanne will be put to use for the anime fans. For the first time, Roxanne will conduct other tasks besides harem. She also demonstrated impressive knowledge of the swords and shields in the previous episode. However, the practical knowledge will have its place in the forthcoming anime episode.

Additionally, the future anime episode may potentially feature the introduction of a new slave girl. Michio’s ambition to acquire Roxanne has been realized. He is currently only going to the Labyrinth to make money. To quicken the story’s pace, an objective is necessary. The gripping tone of the story has already tapered down from the previous expedition. A new chapter will begin with the upcoming trip.



In the fourth Slave Harem episode, There was plenty of sensuality and eroticism in The Labyrinth of Another World. Michio began by purchasing heys for his new room. He was now required to remain with Roxanne. Consequently, he required a larger room for the two of them. Instead of twin beds, the owner skillfully provided him with a room with a double bed. Roxanne and Michio moved into the new room. He did see that she was a little tense, though.

To purchase the shield and other items, Michio nevertheless accompanied her shopping. While shopping, Michio discovered Roxanne is a highly choosy young lady. He was also put to the test while looking for Roxanne’s overcoat. But by evening, they had purchased everything and were back in their hotel. They were given hot water to bathe in by the inn’s proprietor. The remaining moments, however, were rife with infidelity. The tale did not advance in any way.


Among the adult audience, Slave Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World is well known. Additionally, it differs somewhat from other harem anime. In contrast to other harem anime, it contains a strong plot. Due to its popularity, creators don’t give it a break for that reason. On August 3, 2022, Japanese networks will broadcast Episode 5 of Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World. The episode will be accessible to viewers on Crunchyroll’s official pages.

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