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The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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In retrospect, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S, TenSura, The Case Study of Vanitas, and of course The Detective is Already Dead stood out among the greatest anime offerings from the summer of 2021.

The Detective is Already Dead, the second series, was a hilarious mystery comedy from Studio ENGI, the creators of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out, Full Dive, and Trapped in a Dating Sim.

Season 2 of the show is officially in development, one year after its international premiere, according to a special teaser trailer published online.


The Detective is Already Dead anime was officially renewed for a second season on July 24. For show lovers, this is wonderful news.

“The Detective is Already Dead: Season 2,” the second season of the TV anime “The Detective is Already Dead,” is now in production,” read the announcement on the show’s Japanese website.

The primary voice cast would be returning for a new series of adventures, according to an official season 2 teaser trailer that was also posted online.

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  • Kimihiko Kimizuka: Arata Nagai
  • Siesta: Saki Miyashita
  • Nagisa Natsunagi: Ayana Taketatsu
  • Yui Saikawa: Kanon Takao
  • Charlotte Arisaka Anderson: Saho Shirasuna


The Detective is Already Dead’s season 2 has been officially confirmed to be in production, but the production team regretfully did not provide a projected release date. Nevertheless, we may make some assumptions based on the season 1’s production cycle.

The Detective is Already Dead’s debut season was announced in January 2021 and debuted in July of this year, but it’s safe to infer that filming had already begun a few months earlier.

Studio ENGI probably preferred to wait for volumes 6 and 7 before making the announcement publicly, even though there was enough source material from the following two published light novel volumes to begin production on season 2 of the anime right away.

The Detective is Already Dead season 2 might premiere as early as January 2023 on the Winter schedule, while a more likely possibility would be for April 2023 on the Spring broadcast. This is assuming that the season 2 production timeline will be identical to the first.


Because we are unsure of how many volumes of the light novel the second season of The Detective Is Already Dead might adapt, we are unsure of where it might go. In particular, we have no idea whatsoever about how far the second season may go when it debuts due to a general lack of knowledge. The summary of the primary source that follows will suggest what might be altered for a prospective second season.


The Detective Is Already Dead’s third season is currently being created. A third season might or might not be announced. The future of the show remains uncertain, despite the success of the series and the amount of content that needs to be adapted.

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