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What is in Village of the Hollows of episode 3 of Made in Abyss?

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Beginning where the previous episode left off, Made In Abyss Season 2 episode 3 opens with Reg, Riko, and Nanachi pursuing the enigmatic Majikaja.

Summary of Episode 3:

Riko halts their exploration because she is concerned about coming under the abyss’s spell. Riko’s worries are allayed by Nanachi by assuring her that the force field doesn’t exist here. As a result, the curse cannot harm her. She cautions Reg to hide them, though, as she is unable to detect any consciousnesses nearby.

episode 3

They briefly explore the mystery surrounding Majikaja and the Hollows that are following them. Additionally, they wonder if Bondrewd or the other White Whistles had anything to do with the “state of being” of these Hollows. Nanachi, though, advises that they stick with Majikaja. The third episode of abyss Season 2 continues where the first episode ended.

The arrival of Team Riko and Majikaja at Prushka’s location. They discover a Hollow dismantling the Prushka whistle. Riko encourages Reg to stop before he assaults it because she believes Prushka is safe. Majikaja validates Riko’s emotions. He informs them that Prushka is being fixed by the Hollow, who may be able to restore her to normalcy. Riko accepts Majikaja’s explanation and casts a glance at Prushka.

Majikaja invites them on a brief tour of their country. Team Riko decides to lag behind Majikaja once more. Reg queries Majikaja about his situation during their outing. Majikaja tells them all that he, like Nanachi, is a Hollow. He does, however, clarify that he is totally composed of odors and that his robotic body is merely a vehicle.

At the marketplace of value they arrive. What Riko, Reg, and Nanachi witnessed astound them. Riko scans a few of the vendor booths. Some stores sell vintage weapons and items from Cave Raider. Riko investigates further and finds that someone is offering for sale a portion of her mother’s letter.

Because she is handling his merchandise, the shopkeeper becomes upset. Majikaja affirms that Riko cannot interact with valuable objects without authorization, to Riko’s surprise. Riko is inspired by this to search through her possessions for something precious to offer the merchant. Stops Riko is Majikaja. He demands that she give up one of her body parts because she is more valuable as a whole. Naturally, Riko rejects the proposition.

How does the episode end?

episode 3

Because he wants certain human organs for himself, Majikaja is upset. Additionally, he clarifies that stealing “values” is a serious offense in this city.

Riko, Reg, and Nanachi come together to talk while Majikaja is elsewhere. Reg advises acting as if you’re interested in the goods the retailers are selling to get information. Reg’s opinion is shared by Nanachi and Riko, and they all move forward with their market research.

Majikaja provides Team Riko with information about each vendor and the goods they exchange as they pass by their booths. He also gives them a quick rundown of the local Hollows.

In essence, the Hollows’ bodies adopt the form of their wishes. They transform into Hollows and are unable to leave this place once they are there.

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