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What will happen in episode 15 of Ao Ashi? check out the latest details now

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The storyline of Episode 15:

The place I Ought to Be,” from Ao Ashi Episode 15, shows Ashito struggling to keep up with his new home. He now needs to keep up his line of defense after the trainer swapped positions. That takes a lot of effort for him, but safeguarding the staff and making it seem like other strikes could potentially be happening are uninteresting ideas. Finally, Takeshima tells Ashito to move against the center and cover correctly after trailing behind him. to save targets. When it comes to a ball, Ashito heeds Takehima’s advice.

episode 15

His error might have led to a wise decision. They started asserting that a beginner was still within the protection just as they were disputing their opponent. It distorts Ashito’s feelings. Akutsu insisted on going back to the dorm since he didn’t want to play football with them as long as he had not mentioned any unsafe things regarding Ashito. Ashito is aware that he performs better when participating before a fight than when he is merely fending against an attack. Their adversary’s staff is still focusing on Ashito, making it challenging for them to stop them. However, Ashito was left in a daze when he got the information about Otomos transfer. It was now that he discovered the price he had to pay for protecting his property, and got determined to show his talents on his merits.

A quick recap of episode 14:

Previously, in Ao Ashi Episode 14, Ashito decided to completely study the game of football. He became a swoop and approved of his imperfections. Even though Ashito enjoyed himself immensely and found other players to be fascinating, he would have preferred to win his past few matches. Even though all of his victories had kept him quiet, he received word from Fukuda’s trainer that his position had altered. He would now play instead of participating over the coming weeks.

The program failed to excite the audience, especially after the staff members switched roles. The trainer’s message quickly spread among the rest of the staff. People have always believed that when Akutsu made a comeback he kept his detested persona. The actuality of Nozomi’s was also published in Ao Ashi episode 14.

episode 15

What is the release date of Episode 15 of Ao Ashi?

There are only two days left to learn about Ashitos global. On July 16, 2022, Tuturni TV will telecast the fifteenth episode of Ao Ashi, titled The spot I’m to the heart of God. It will reveal how Ashito maintains those new changes and whether he intends to become a new artist, a beginner, or an expert determining whether to pay attention to his center. If he finds himself in a challenging circumstance, he can ascertain that as much as possible. As for the next episode, it will likely be able to pass along the horror story of Crunchyroll.


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