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How will the fight against Mikey, Hanma, and Sanzu turn out?

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Fans have feared that Chifuyu may have been the person Hanma was seen beating up in the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 leaks. Today’s official chapter verified that the person who charges into a fight to aid Takemichi and is later beaten up by Hanma is, in fact, Chifuyu.

The reader is surprised by new information on the time-leaper enigma in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261. The chapter finishes with various hints about the identity and goals of the second time-leaper in addition to a confirmation of one of the series’ best friendships.

Taiju defeated Benkei and Waka in the previous chapter, impressing not only Inui and Kokonoi but also Senju, who later came to and joined the fight. Takemichi approached Mikey and issued a challenge to duel. Mikey agreed to Takemichi’s challenge even though he appeared to detest having to face him.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 is titled, The Opposite Sides of the Same Coin.

What is the summary of Chapter 261?

Mikey questions Takemichi about his decision to travel back in time at the start of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261. Takemichi explains to Mikey what transpired in the previous timeline, closing by saying that he vowed to help Mikey in the future. Close by, Taiju is unable to understand what the two are saying to each other. But Haruchiyo viciously attacks him from behind, screaming that he can’t let Takemichi save Mikey.


Despite being a time-leaper, Takemichi, according to Haruchiyo, does not comprehend why Mikey must finish his ascent into the shadows. According to Sanzu, Mikey’s destiny was predetermined ever since he was a toddler, and it is now impossible to reverse it. At this point, Hanma approaches from behind and tells Takemichi that he is the sole Toman representative remaining.
Chifuyu Matsuno, on the other hand, charges the conflict and declares that Takemichi is not at all by himself. He lunges towards Hanma, who then knocks him to the ground. In light of his wounds, Mitsuya begs Chifuyu to stop fighting, but Chifuyu is adamant about continuing.

Chifuyu bemoans the fact that he held Takemichi accountable for Draken’s passing and abandoned his friend during a trying time. He does, however, promise to support his President because he is the Vice President of Tokyo Manji Kai’s 2nd generation. With Mikey, Hanma, and Sanzu surrounding Chifuyu and Takemichi, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 finishes with them standing side by side.
Chifuyu’s declaration and action in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 have been seen as a death flag by readers across the board. In addition to being one of the most well-liked characters in the show, Chifuyu is also one of Takemichi’s most ardent backers. If he were to die, not only would this turn of events break Takemichi, but it might also be the series’ breaking point.

What happens in the conclusion?


Sanzu’s statements on Mikey make it abundantly plain that he has no desire to protect or assist Mikey or at the very least the present Mikey. Sanzu may be a time-traveler who has returned to protect the very future that Takemichi has sworn to alter, according to a clue in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261. Hanma’s potential as Sanzu’s trigger is also plausible given that she is not simply knowledgeable of time travel.

As the story goes on, Mikey begins to lose his humanity and grow more soulless. Whether he is aware of the future or has any involvement with Takemichi’s time travel beyond acting as a trigger is unknown. He doesn’t appear to be concerned about Sanzu and Hanma’s scheme to bring him to justice.

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