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Is audience witnessing The God of High School Season 2 or it’s delayed to release

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One of the rare animes in 2020 to achieve enormous fame with just one season was The God of High School. The action-comedy anime, which debuted on July 6, 2020, was well-received worldwide, and its fans are clamoring for a second season. When is the release date? We will talk about the potential release date for the upcoming season if there are any prospects of a sequel. South Korean manhwa, written and drawn by Park Yongje, was made into an anime called The God of High School. The first season was directed by Sungho Park, and producers Saeho Song and Joseph Chou.

Interesting Storyline of The God of High School Season 2

This supernatural and martial arts anime is called The God of High School. Mori Jin, the primary protagonist, is at the center of it. A martial artist from Seoul, South Korea, he is 17 years old. The story opens with Mori receiving an invitation to The God of High School, a martial arts competition put on by dishonest organizations. These organizations assemble all of the high school martial arts students, prepare them for success at the state and national levels, and only select three to compete in the international competition. Without any debate, the victor receives whatever he wants. As Mori enters the competition, he discovers that he must compete against well-known martial artists and furious supernatural beings like gods and demons. He competes against Daewi Han, a master of Karate, and Master Mira Yoo, a master of the epee. However, following the altercation, Mori and these two talented artists become friends, and the three of them are chosen to represent Korea in the World Tournament. As the preliminary rounds approach, the plot becomes more intriguing as we see several intrigues amongst the contenders.

Releasing Date of The God of High School Season 2

Animes are typically produced for financial gain and to increase source material sales. Any anime’s likelihood of having a second season is based on three things. These include the availability of the primary source material, public interest in and desire for more seasons, and financial success. These elements have been examined for The God of High School. The manhwa that served as the basis for the anime “The God of High School” means that there is never a lack of source material. There have been 537 chapters released thus far. Just 111 chapters from the first season were adopted. It is therefore possible to create at least four additional seasons with the current source material. We would want to inform you, without underlining any speculations, that studio MAPAA, the studio that created “The God of High School,” Season 2, has not been formally revealed. New seasons of anime sequels typically take some time to release. It hasn’t even been two years since the final episode of the first season was shown, so anticipating anything regarding the second season would be premature. So let’s take a seat, unwind, and wish for the best. There will be a new season of the anime series, we are promised. According to some recent sources, MAPAA has already begun production on The God of High School season 2, which is scheduled to air in the second quarter of 2022.

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