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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 6 comes with an interesting Storyline- Know the Release Date

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It’s time to start the sports festival. The situation for Class D isn’t good, though. It appears that Horikita and Sudo are Ryuen’s two main targets. In addition, Ryuen’s trap is discovered by Horikita. For Episode 6 of Classroom of the Elite Season 2, all the information you need is provided here.

Releasing Date and Time of Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 Episode 6

On Monday, August 8, Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 6 will air. At 9:00 p.m. JST, the episode will show in Japan. The series is being streamed on Crunchyroll. One and a half hours following the program’s premiere in Japan, the episode with English subtitles will be made accessible. Specifically in the USA. Crunchyroll offers Classroom of the Elite Season 2 for streaming. This platform also has Season 1 accessible.

The storyline of these episode

Kushida’s potential role as the betrayer is investigated by Horikita and Ayanokoji. According to Ayanokoji, Kushida may be earning unreported points from other courses. While keeping an eye on the others, Horikita questions Kushida about the preceding special exam. If Ryuen was made aware of her VIP status, she asks Kushida. The two choose to place their trust in one another despite Kushida’s denial. Sudo makes an effort to motivate everyone as the Sports Festival gets started. Initially, Class D is operating smoothly. Sudo is enraged by Koenji’s refusal to participate, on the other hand. Koenji says Horikita asked him to take part, but he’s not in the mood. It’s heard by Ayanokoji. Numerous competitors attack Sudo during the pole. Due to Ryuen’s dishonest strategies, the Red Team (Class A and D) loses the match. Meanwhile, Horikita injures her ankle after accidentally running into Kinoshita from Class C. Ayanokoji conducts a check on Horikita. He is told by Horikita that Kinoshita probably struck her on purpose. Particularly in light of the interaction with Koenji, she thinks back on her faults. The other events included Class C continuing to attack Sudo and Horikita.

Ayanokoji is questioned about the situation by Karuizawa. In his description of the targeting, Ayanokoji also describes how the traitor revealed the list of people registered in the class. Karuizawa wonders if they still have a chance to win. According to Ayanokoji, success was never their main objective. Sudo loses his temper in front of the class in the interim and walks out. Ayanokoji departs for Horikita. She knows Ayanokoji would nag her to bring Sudo back. Despite her worries, Ayanokoji reiterates that she must achieve. He tells her that she will find Sudo to be a helpful tool. Karuizawa asks Ayanokoji who the traitor is, but Ayanokoji declines to say. He says he is only following Horikita’s instructions. As they approach the clinic, Horikita and Kushida are in motion. Kushida alerts her of Kinoshita’s critical injuries. She is told by Kushida that Kinoshita has suffered significant injuries. Horikita arrives and goes straight into Ryuen’s trap. Horikita is charged with purposely hurting Kinoshita, and the student threatens to inform the school of the accusation. To keep quiet, he requested one million secret points. Ryuen declares his plan to stay until the event is over before leaving.

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