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Dance Dance Danseur season 2- The famous series getting renewed and everything about season 2

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 A synopsis of the series

The anime series is inspired and adapted by George Asakura’s manga and afterward the studios MAPPA came up with its virtual. Its first season was aired on April 9, 2022.
Our main protagonist Junpei murao used to not like ballet and gets attracted to the art form and our female love interest brings back his love in the form of Miyako godai. The whole story of the first season revolves around these two cute kids and their joy and love and passion for the art form ballet.
Our Miyako utters some beautiful dialogues one among them is the most catchy phrase ‘I can’t be friends with someone like him.

What is the story backdrop?

It is a beautiful story of a love triangle between luou, Miyako, and Junpei, a juncture where you are required to choose between one, haste between masculinity and femininity, it shows the chaos and ambiguity we all must have been through. One can watch this season personally on Netflix. It was aired in japan on Disney plus services. The finale premiered a while ago.

News about season 2

Now let some beans be spilled about season 2. If Dance Dance Danseur Season 2 is to return then expect the majority of the voice cast to return. The mains that have given lives to our three important characters are Junpei, luou, and Miyako respectively Daiki Yamashita, Koki Uchiyama
, Kaede Hondo and all others to be back.
The release date will be soon in for confirmation nothing is yet been spoken by the MAPPA team. As there are some other ventures too they are working on. In the final scenes of Dance Dance Danseur Season 1, we saw that Junpei decided to become a part of Oikawa Academy. So the second season will explore the further open ends of the finale episode. There is no trailer or any sort of footage available from Dance Dance Danseur Season 2. Surely they might introduce new characters in the format. But nothing is confirmed yet.

The love shown by fans

Season 1 was immensely loved by the audiences and have a 7.8 review too. This is because the anime series has received a positive response from fans as well as critics. Furthermore, the first season of Dance Dance Danseur secured 23rd place in the most popular series. It felt more than common to be on such a stage and it git its touch to the audience well.
So as the reviews were more than nice and it has rolled down the heads of fans and So there’s plenty of source material to explore the story. Also, the manga is still ongoing. That means more volumes will be published in the future. So the opportunity for Dance Dance Danseur Season 2 is very high.

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