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Engage Kiss Episode 6 finally release on August month- know the actual date and time

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In Engage Kiss Episode 6, Shu can find himself caught up in the mayhem. The child was facing a financial problem when we last saw him. But Ayano, a former flame, came to his aid. She made an effort to assist him despite the disparities. But after Tetsuya arrived, the animosity grew. Shu will she pardon Ayano? However, it doesn’t appear that way. Her relationship with Tetsuya is also rather shady. See what she is trying to keep from Shu. Shu’s team will discover more about Demon Possession in the sixth episode and work to understand it. They will be stopped, though. Shu will soon find out that Ayano and her new partner Tetsuya Mikami are somehow involved. Shu will be devastated when they combine their efforts to work together.

The plot of this Episode of Engage Kiss

Shu previously had financial difficulties in Engage Kiss Episode 5, but Kisara and his ex-girlfriend Ayano were able to assist him. Additionally, Ayano assisted him in winning a reduced bid in the D Hazard casino bidding war. Shu afterward engaged in combat with the demons there using Kisara’s demonic abilities. But sadly, she wasn’t there because her financial difficulties made her miserable. But in the end, Ayano handled both the Demon and the Big PMC by himself. But their conflict took a dark turn. Kisara chose to unwind in Shu’s apartment after their struggle because she wasn’t feeling well. Shu, however, found it difficult to handle the situation since she was in charge of his company’s funds and was progressively interfering in her life by acting like his covert mistress. The lack of living expenses was just one of their many concerns though. Shu thus asked Ayano for some contract labor to fix this predicament. Later on that day, Kisara and Shu were thrust into a perilous circumstance. While assisting the mayor in fending off terrorist threats, they attempted to protect Bayron City’s 25th-anniversary celebration.

It is implied in the upcoming episode “Third-Party Demon Killer” that Shu will play against a competitor. Well, his team discovered vital details regarding the Demonically Possessed and their relationship with the D Hazard in the last episode. However, the bid was suspended and Shu and his firm were prohibited from participating in the auction before they had time to make sense of what had happened. He will now attempt to carry out his strategy and, with Kisara’s assistance, he will set up a trap for Ayano. He is aware that Ayano is keeping something from him and that she is connected to the Demon Possession. In reality, Tetsuya Mikami, an investigator with the Anti-Demon Bureau, was with her when Shu spotted them, and he thinks they are preparing something. The hostility between them will grow. Another demon will also shortly come across them. But what will surprise people is that Ayano already knows about it.

Releasing Date of Engage Kiss Episode 6

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, at 3 am, “Third-Party Demon Killer,” the sixth episode of Engaged Kiss, will debut. It’ll be accessible through Crunchyroll. Finally, the episode will delve into Ayano’s background and her relationship with Mikami. Aside from this, it will mark Shu and Kisara’s fresh beginning.

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