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Learn about the new champion game in Overgeared Chapter 136!!

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In Overgeared Chapter 136, Mr. Piaro will be honing his abilities. We have seen that everyone sought to protect their land thus far. However, no one was willing to fight for their country. But Mr. Piaro was the one who taught them about their abilities and how to use them. The supporters were astounded, and despite their little number, they were prepared to face the approaching danger.

A whole new character will now be introduced in the following chapter. With his arrival, it appears that everything will change. But unlike the other members of his guild, Mr. Piaro will focus on honing his skills and won’t pay much attention to this character.

chapter 136

What will happen next in Chapter 81 of Overgeared?

Following the victory against the guild master army in battle, farmers will continue to work in their fields. However, everyone is curious as to Kraugel’s true motives and the reason he is assisting farmers in preserving their land. Kraugel won’t say anything, though, and will keep studying under Mr. Piaro. He will gain knowledge about farming and how to cultivate their land.

Mr. Piaro, in the meantime, will find his true self while engaging in combat with the troops. He discovers the sword defines his actual nature and that he is supposed to utilize it. He will be content to spread more seeds with his blade. They will soon be joined by a new figure who will teach them more about the world outside of the fertile land in the interim.

A quick recap of the previous episode:

The guild master and his soldiers had previously arrived at the farmers’ property in Overgeared Chapter 135 of the book. They were shocked to see one of the farmers do such amazing movements, though. He avoided the army’s assault and then coerced the guild master into a duel. The farmer managed to avoid the guildmaster’s strike as he launched a soul explosion with arrows and soul steal. The farmer’s action caught him off guard, so he decided to steal his soul. However, the farmer used a moon sword to successfully repel the assault. The guild master was perplexed and decided to put him in the soul trap. Thankfully, the guild master was successful. But the farmer managed to escape jail by using his unique talent.

chapter 136

He crossed the guildmaster’s heart with his sword quickly. The surviving army was in a state of shock and questioned whether they had seen these tactics before. One of the group members recalled their battle in the Elgad woodland. A man vanquished them with a single blow by employing the same strategy as this farmer. He remembered this and decided to give up the fight. As a result, they chose to leave the area rather than argue with him. The focus quickly switched to Mr. Piaro, who complimented his abilities and blade. He decided to continue with this new him since it felt like a rebirth.

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