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Shin Win Vs Gai Mou : Kingdom Season 4 Episode 12 check out now!!

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In Season 4 Episode 12 of anime Kingdom, we will see how one thing is connected to another thing happening in the anime. The battle in which Zhao was involved wasn’t ending in any condition. The fans have demanded to watch individual winners of the battles that will take place in the anime. In this episode, we will see Shin fighting against Gai Mou. And the storyline of Episode 12 is going to continue with their fight. It is going to end with the conclusion of their fight and we will get to know by the end who won Mou or Shin. This episode is quite interesting to watch who will win. But this is not the end of the main fight. The main fight is the war they both have been involved in, so the one who wins the war will be the ultimate winner.


Past episode

The previous episode of Kingdom Anime Season 4 was Episode 11 which was titled “Training Days”. The episode of the anime Kingdom started with the entry of Earl with his horse, he was riding his horse towards the opposite army and was fighting the person coming in front of him. But then Ou Hon, the captain of the Gyoku Hou force stopped the expedition. Now we all know that a great battle is about to begin. The arc then shifts to the past of the Ou Hon. The last sequel of the Ou Hon shows us that he wanted General Tou to stop the attack for some time so that he and his army can come together for a while. Then the episode shifts to the present again and we saw a spear fight between general Tou and Ou Hon. By the end of episode 11, we saw that the episode ends with the sight of Shin who was fighting against Gai Mou, a fire dragon.


The next episode, episode 12 of the anime Kingdom is going to be titled “Ages of Giants “. In the previous episode the fight between Shin and the fire dragon, Gai Mou wasn’t highlighted enough in the past episode. So Episode 12 of the Kingdom anime is going to give limelight to their fight. As episode 12 of the anime Kingdom will continue we are going to see that the fire dragon Gai Mou fighting against Shin is going to share his life story with his opponent while being in the middle of the battle.

Episode 12

It will be interesting for us to watch the opponent’s thoughts on the story and his reaction to it. The only thing that Shin’s land has is his motivation and his courage. The thing that is still unknown in the story was how the fire dragon got convinced to fight against Shin. As episode 12 will end we will be aware of the results of their fight. And the next episode of the anime Kingdom will start with the entry of the winner.

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