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Uncle From Another World Season 1 comes with a intersting storyline know the date of release

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The great majority of series are currently up to their third domestic broadcast in Japan, and the 2022 Summer anime schedule is officially in full flow. However, one of the most well-liked anime from the new lineup, a comedy series titled Uncle From Another World, commonly known as Isekai Ojisan, has now been accessible to view abroad via Netflix. With a good rating of 7.92/10 on MyAnimeList, the anime is presently the 7th highest-rated program from the 2022 Summer schedule, which is even more noteworthy given that the show has only recently debuted outside of Japan. What’s the story behind this new anime, when can I watch new episodes on Netflix, and how many episodes will season 1 have?

The plot of Uncle From Another World Season 1

Studio AtelierPontdarc, the group behind Ganbare Douki-chan, produces the Isekai comedic animation series Uncle From Another World. Takafumi’s uncle was tragically struck by a truck and left in a vegetative state 17 years ago. To the shock of his physicians, however, his uncle awakens one day and begins ranting about spending the previous 17 years in Gran Bahamal, another world. Takafumi gradually realizes that his uncle’s account of Gran Bahamal could be accurate when they sit down to try together in this modest flat, though. While learning about this enchanted realm, Takafumi also has the challenging task of catching up to his uncle on the events of the last two decades, including the development of cellphones, the internet, and television programs. When Kousuke enters an alternate dimension while unconscious, people mistake him for an orc because of his unattractive appearance. The unfortunate youngster is sold into slavery and forced to battle creatures for his life in a hostile environment. His only supporter appears to be a fairly relentless and vicious elf who expertly plays the tsundere character. Fortunately, Kousuke has some experience dealing with these circumstances—not firsthand, but from a childhood spent devoted to all things SEGA. In Granbahamal, where people seem to be just as savage as the evil beasts, the young warrior’s acceptance seems to be more of a problem than his survival.

Releasing Date of Plot of Uncle From Another World Season 1

The first episode of Uncle From Another World, which had its local premiere in Japan on Wednesday, July 6th, has just been available to view globally on Netflix as of today, July 20th. Similar to the recently finished Komi Can’t Communicate, which also had a two-week pause between local transmission and worldwide streaming, Uncle From Another World is being released in a simulcast format. The good news is that fresh episodes of the brand-new anime series will now be published weekly, on Wednesdays.

The official website for the anime series or its affiliated distribution partners has not yet publicly verified the number of episodes in Uncle From Another World season 1 as of this writing. However, based on the Blu-Ray DVD boxset for the series, which is presently scheduled to release in three parts domestically in Japan, the anime is anticipated to include 13 distinct episodes.

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