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Call of the night – episode 6 and all the updates

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The preview

The call of the night is written and illustrated by Kotoyama. This series was launched in August 2019 and since then it is running to date. Its 5 episodes are already out and people are waiting for the 6th episode to come in the line. It is a romantic comedy with its quirky nature in the terms of plot and the nature that is based on the characters. It involves humans as well as a great interaction between the Supernatural powers.

The cast

  • Ko yamori
  • Nazuna
  • Akira
  • Nanakusa
  • Kabura
  • Mahiru
  • Midori
  • Niko
  • Sakura

What was in 5 th episode

As our Hero Ko more has insomnia and is leading a very dull depressed life, so to get adventure wanders in the street at night. And on one such night on the streets, he met Nazuna who is a vampire though she is a very beautiful girl but is not human all these events lead to a trippy and quirky story as Ko, wishes to become a vampire as well and for this to achieve he needs to fall in love with Nazuna. So now these two are as well involved with each other meet each other with their dull lifestyle and want each other to be friends. They decide to go to a public bath nearby where certain events happen and somehow Ko came to know about the cuddling business of the vampire. Nazuna teases him a lot and tries to entice him into her wishes and says that it’s all his fault that the cost is so high in this area and now he needs to massage everyone and earn at least some bucks.

What to expect in the 6 th episode

This episode will clearly show whether he is gonna accept her orders or will reject them. This episode will be aired on 11th August 2022 in Japan at 12. And all the fans are much awaited for this to come across as soon as possible because it’s already been so many years since its release that these episodes are being delayed from time to time all the creators are well ready to release them.

This episode will show the turning of events between these two and how will they achieve their wishes to complete. Will he succeed to impress her or will she trap him in all these teasings of hers?

The creators have uploaded its snippet on the internet and people can review this on various sites such as anime 9 and Crunchyroll. The readers can find the Manga on the internet it will take time to publish it as an English interpretation but will be soon out. Though the creators have made it in Japanese it will soon be dubbed in English after the release of this episode.

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