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‘Komi’s Day Out!’ Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 368- check out the release date now

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The opposite side of the tale that was shown in the previous chapter will be revealed in the following one. Four women met in the previous chapter at a tea gathering. They were all considerably older than twenty-five. But at that time, none of them had a lover. As a result, they all continued to insist that they had boyfriends. At this point, Komi and Tadano just so happened to pass by. All of them started crying at this point. Fans will now be able to read Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 368 to get the other side of the tale.

How Tadano persuaded Komi to spend the day with him will be covered in the following chapter. As usual, Komi must have been excited to accompany him on a date. She must have resisted him, though, until she finally agreed.


Chapter 368: What happens next?

New conflicts will be introduced in Komi Can’t Communicate’s upcoming chapter. The women from chapter 278 were back on the screens, but this time they had different issues. Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 368 will now leave these women behind to add fresh components to the discussion. This can involve organizing a class excursion that all of the pupils will sign up for. The majority of KCC outings have involved a sporting event or a festival.

The excursion that Komi and Tadano were on may occur in this chapter. It will be seen how Tadano persuades Komi to join him for the summer day. At this point, they will encounter four women who are eating at a diner and are weeping for no reason. 


Recap of the previous chapter. 

‘Young Ladies Meeting’ was the subtitle for Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 367. The introduction of all the females who had grown up to become young women served as the chapter’s opening. The chapter introduced Tenjouin Ryouko, Teshi-Gawara Hoshiko, Sute-Jijuku, and Toujouin Homare before moving on to Sute-Jijuku. At this stage in their lives, none of these women were dating.


Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 368


However, it became clear as the tea chat got underway that each of the women was making an effort to appear as though they had a boyfriend. The other women began to be envious of her. But she was the only one who knew the truth. A lovely young couple happened to be passing by these right then. And to their surprise, Komi and Tadano were the pair in question. The three women all started crying and confessed that none of them had a boyfriend. 


Chapter 368 release date. 

The ladies’ gathering did not go as well as expected. However, reading this chapter was most enjoyable for the fans. So, without a hiatus, Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 368 will be released the next week. The next chapter’s official publication date is August 12, 2022. Only on the official Kodansha pages will fans be able to read the entire manga

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