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Love All Play Season 2 Renewed? Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Love all play:

A South Korea Television series that premiered in 2022 April, features Park Ju-Hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, and many more stars. The story revolves around a sports romance within the badminton business team, the show since then aired every Wednesday till its completion of 16 episodes. One can watch it on Disney + Hotstar or other internet sources available.

Love all play

The show is a beautiful culmination of love, friendship, rivalry, and the ups and downs an athlete or sportsperson faces throughout their entire journey to reach the top.

Season 2?

Although there hasn’t been a chirp from the studios that brought us Love All Play, the ratings and viewership of the last episode, that aired were considerably less than the rest, indicating that maybe a renewal is not in their cards. However many fans wait with bated breaths for any announcement that might come their way. Contradicting this many fans are also in the theory that maybe a renewed season might not come in their way as such a pattern for other K-dramas has been noticed before.
This new coming-of-age drama did not hit screens with a bang that was expected but that didn’t slow down the fans from creating fan cams, and posts of their favorite drama, which can also play in their favor if a situation arises for the need for renewal.

The trend of K-dramas has recently received a major spotlight within mainstream media and it is quite common for them to wrap up their stories and plots within the first season itself. If a sequel season does arrive it usually takes at least a year or so before it hits the platforms. But there is still hope for Love All Play to have a second season till there is no announcement of it otherwise, fans can still hold their patience and wish for another season yet.

Fan Reaction!

K-drama fans do not shy away from the public platforms they speak their mind and fortunately had a few good things to mention about Love All Play, many felt as though it started a the sadness and struggle of badminton and ended with the happiness and success of it. It portrayed a beautiful dual perspective one can gain in such a situation. Although there is an absence of an antagonist, it still runs quite smoothly and keeps one hooked throughout, one can call it an easy watch or a comfort watch.

All the best for avoiding spoilers, and happy watching!

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