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The detective is already dead – season 2 updates and everything you need to know

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It is a light novel series written by Nigoju and illustrated by Umibozu. It was a funny comical premise that we all witnessed in this series. This series is running since 2019 November. The first season was released in 2021 and the second season release date has been announced to be in 2022. The story revolves around Kimihiko who is recently turned into an adult and is attracted to crimes which make him often a crisis magnet. This becomes the reason for his unplanned met up with the detective Siesta. The character of this detective is mysterious in its ways as she himself claims to be the master detective of all. Although the creators wanted Nagisa to become the main protagonist of this series earlier this doesn’t go well and so Kimihiko become the protagonist.

The premise of season 1

Kimihiko, from the beginning of his childhood and his life, is tragic and he thinks that it is an Instinct that makes him attract every single problem and all trouble that is happening around him. Turning events into a kidnapping makes him do something which is not right, he was forced to carry a suitcase to an international airport. On this flight, he meets the detective another important character of the series, Siesta. After a long conversation and making of mind of each other, they decide to become each other side-kick and befriends each other for the upcoming troubles that they are going to face.

What’s new in season 2

one year after the series made its global debut, it has finally been confirmed that season 2 is now in production, with a special teaser trailer being shared online. As it is going to be a major sequel and the story will start from where the season first has ended. These updates of season 2 are given by the creators themselves and to show something more clear about it, the visuals, the trailer has been released on the internet. The second season will have legendary detective sidekick “Kimi” Kimizuka Kimihiko and Nagisa Natsunagi jetting off to London in search of clues.

The cast will be the same as it was in the previous season.

  • Kimihiko
  • Siesta
  • Natsunagi
  • Saikawa
  • Miyashita
  • Arata

The reviews of the letter season were very nice and appreciated by the fans. And the intro song was the main Hero to be considered here Koko De kiters by MaryxJon. This season was also very much awaited by the fans and the trailer was also the same to be enjoyed by the number of audiences that were waiting for it to come up as soon as possible after the creators had announced its release date. And this is a must-watch anime series that is available on multiple sites in Japanese and English translations.

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