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‘The devil is a part-timer’ Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Ma Vương Đi Làm Phần 2 Tập 2: Alas Ramus Là Ai?


The Devil Learns the Pain of Losing Something Precious” is the title of episode 4 of season 2 of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” Satan and Emi strategize with their friends about how to protect Alas Ramus from Gabriel.

When their attacker returns sooner than expected, they are compelled to engage them without much preparation.

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Speculation of episode 5 

Maou found out at the end of the previous episode that Gabriel was unable to take her with him because Alas Ramus had become united with a holy sword. Emi was welcomed home by Maou, who was happy to see her despite Gabriel’s warning that he would take Alas Ramus regardless of what she did.

Gabriel will come up with another nefarious strategy as part of his scheme to apprehend Alas Ramus. Maou and Emi must be watchful going forward. Gabriel could strike at any time, therefore they must always be ready.

They will lose if they don’t. Maou had grown attached to Alas after spending some time with her, and he realized he couldn’t bear to lose her.


Episode 5 Release Date

On Thursday, August 11, 2022, The Devil is a Part-Timer!! season 2 episode 5 will be broadcast. No mention of the episode title or preview has been made.


Episode 4 Recap

After Gabriel leaves, Maou talks about his strategy for shielding Alas Ramus from Gabriel. He recalls the Yesod Sephira fable from his memories. In the myth, plants continuously construct the planet, and they are fundamental in creating the equilibrium required to support life.

The world elements that the Yesod rules over are in peril, according to Gabriel’s words. Suzune agrees that there is no proof that the Tree of Life supports life, but he also that there is no evidence either way.


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She also questions the story because she thinks Alas Ramus remaining with Maou and Emi won’t harm their bond.

He admits to risking his life to protect Alas Ramus when Maou and Emi are by themselves. She’s surprised since she’s never thought of Satan as someone who would put his life in danger to save others. Maou that his sacrifice is not intrinsically weird because he will parent her.

Later that evening, Maou and Emi are invited to spend the night with Alas Ramus. They concur while feeling uncomfortable since she is adamant. Maou claims that a tale about an angel rescuing a man makes her fall asleep.

Maou recounts the tale of a man who was saved by an angel. Emi realizes that he is narrating a somewhat romanticized account of his life. She queries Maou about his duties as king while Alas Ramus nods off.

When Satan declines to respond, he only draws attention to his avarice. The next morning, as they awaken, Gabriel is standing next to them.

Maou urges him not to take Alas Ramus because they can’t defeat him. Gabriel, on the other hand, kills Satan right away without waiting to hear anything. Alas, Ramus bluntly accuses Malkut of calling him a liar after witnessing him struggle to breathe.

When Maou is liberated, he requests that Suzune escort him close to the location where Alas Ramus and Emi are engaged in combat with Gabriel. Sadly, in spite of his best attempts, he slips and falls to the ground.

When Satan suddenly falls on Earth, Emi can’t help but assume the worst. Despite the fact that she vowed to harm him, she started to worry for his wellbeing.

Maou screams and is only a few inches from the earth when Ramus saves her, alas. Emi then makes the decision to use all of her abilities. Even it, though, is insufficient to quell Gabriel’s might.

Ramus must be left alone, alas, but Emi promises to never give Satan the chance to rule and endanger the planet of humans. Naturally, Emi agrees to the request, and Gabriel comes back. Everyone assumes Gabriel abducted Alas Ramus because no one saw her when Emi changed and pulled out her new sword.

Alas Ramus and her sword, which was formerly broken, have joined to form one. She can turn into the blade of Emi’s sword and then transform it back into herself if she so chooses. Due to his depression and his belief that he was powerless to stop Gabriel from taking Alas Ramus, Maou is hardly able to work at McRonald’s.


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Emi runs into Chiho in the interim and tells her the truth when they meet at a restaurant. Unfortunately, when they go back to Satan’s place, Ramus is still with them. Maou puts on a tough front following his reunion with his fictitious daughter in an effort to conceal his emotional state.

Emi wanted Satan to feel the anguish of losing a loved one because he has never been held accountable for his acts in the past.

She intended to make Maou experience the same suffering that many innocent people have as a result of his desire to conquer the world.

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