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When will ayumu make his move Episode 6-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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What is this series about

It is a Japanese Manga series that is illustrated by Soichiro Yamamoto. This has a list of 5 episodes until now and find waiting for the 6 episodes to come. It is a fun and romantic storyline about two young high school students that are stuck in between their feeling and the war and confessing it to each other.

Our protagonist Ayumu is a first-year student who falls in love with Urushi who is a second-year student, but also a member of the shogi club. Then one day he decides to confess his feelings towards her and his story revolves around this particular segment when he is gonna make the first move and confess it to her. On the other hand, she is well aware of his feelings and no that he likes her a lot and as a senior, in high school, she tries to make him utter these for her. But the hero makes it very clear with his Poco face that this may take a long time to happen but vows to make it happen soon.

The characters

  • Ayumu
  • Urushi
  • Takeru
  • Sakurako
  • Rin
  • Maki.

What happened in ep 5

Urushi experiences something and at that moment she makes a move towards kissing him. Urushi was anxious about the embarrassing dream when they ran into each other at the bookstore. It was also a place for Urushi to reminisce. On the other hand, there is something freshly brewing between Rin and Takeru. Rin and Takeru went to see a movie, and Rin began imitating romantic movements from the film and performing them on Takeru.

What we might  witness in ep 6

Turning of events from the last end of the episode between these two quirky and nearly to be coupled. Ayumu fell asleep while talking with Urushi, they will meet the next day and will have another match of shogi. Rin and Takeru came a lot close while watching that movie, we might witness Takeru making a move on Rin in the next episode. This episode will be an aid on 11th August 2022.

This is a very sweet romantic comedy and fans same to like it sends the very first episode was released. The reviews that are being given by the audiences are fine enough and it’s worth at least watching once this is going to be available in the Japanese version. Readers can also search for its Manga on the internet which is available in Japanese translation to English. The version of this episode will be aired in Japan in Japanese and the version of it is gonna be interpreted in English further on. This is a very fun right to witness as they all know it is very tough to make the first move so when will Ayumu make his move?


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