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Ao Ashi Chapter 298-Release Date, Reviews, and All Other Updates Available

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What is the release date of Chapter 298 of Ao Ashi?

Ao Ashi chapter 297 was enjoyable, and after chapter 297, many viewers anticipated chapter 298, but since Ao Ashi doesn’t always post chapters on the same day, it’s hard to tell when the next one will appear. Fortunately, the publication dates for the forthcoming chapters have been announced.

And on July 12, 2022, fans can anticipate the release of Ao Ashi Chapter 298. Additionally, Ao Ashi chapter 298 will be accessible to all fans worldwide at 6:00 PM.

Recap of the previous episode:


As Shiba continues the offense, Aoi’s team retrieves the ball and gives it back to them. Aoi is overjoyed that the great Shiba is listening to him and accepting of his ideas. Fans see an improvement in Aoi’s forward runs as he can now keep up with Shiba’s lethal passes.

Aoi is taken aback since shiba’s pass was already affecting his body before he even recognized it, even though he had previously wanted a pass after cutting inside. Shiba gives the player the order to pass the ball far from the goal. Yoshitsune has an excellent chance to score, but the goalkeeper stops him.

Shiba continues by saying that players like aoi, who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, can now communicate through their passes that, while he understands their beliefs, his concept is different. Shiba’s catastrophic pass streamlined the offensive third more successfully than in Aoi’s youth, which Aoi discovers in the last phase. Aoi shudders as he understands how much more effective this attack strategy is, and Shiba beams as he sees Aoi starting to grasp his goal.

What is the plot line of Ao Ashi manga?


One of the best sports manga plotlines was featured in Ao Ashi’s manga collection. The storyline centers on the younger child Ashito Aoi, who is in his third year of middle school and has a talent for playing soccer. When his college teammate Fukuda observes his abilities, he invites him to join his soccer team. Fukuda has faith in Ashito Aoi and thinks he should represent the Japanese soccer team.

Where can you read Chapter 298 of Ao Ashi?

On their official website, readers will be able to read the well-liked ongoing sports series Ao Ashi. Additionally, all of the Ao Ashi volumes are always available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.

The English translation of the Ao Ashi manga series is also available on Amazon.

The plotline of Chapter 298 of Ao Ashi:

The chapter opens when Ashito gets summoned by Hana after the second day of training for the top team. There Hana San asks him why does he speak Spanish so well? To that, he answers that he resided in Spain while his father was working there for a year. During that time he hadn’t started playing soccer. He also told him that he was planning to return to Spain someday. There Ashito asks her why she wants to be a sports surgeon so bad, and their conversation continues.

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