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Boku No Hero academia aka My Hero Academia

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The preview

My hero academia is a Japanese Manga series based on the lives of some superheroes which is returned and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. Where a world has all the superheroes and some quirks with them share a commonplace. The story of this particular series revolves around midoria a boy who is not so common amongst the superheroes because he doesn’t have any supernatural power himself. He is also a big admirer of the most super potential and bestows hero of Japan All Might.

As midoria is born without any power in this world suddenly with some turning of events he found himself surrounded by problems that he can solve but with merely the usage of his brain and his heart. And fortunately, All Might was present at that particular crime place and he recognizes how much potential this little high school boy has. So he decides to train him well and become a superhero who doesn’t have any quirks but it will be built in him through training.

The storyline

Part of our main protagonist everybody around him has some special powers and he is only among them who doesn’t show anything supernatural. It was found that half of the city has some special powers and works together to fight villains. Midori as he was a rare child was always believed by his other powerful, violent classmate named Bakugo because he think he is way stronger than him.

But as the Fortune turns for Midoria, All Might caught his eyes on him and is willing to pass on his one for all power to him and train him to become all for one in any condition. And the story continues with many other members of the training and the superhero League.

  • All might
  • Midoria
  • Kaminari
  • Bakugo
  • Fumikage
  • Kurogiri

In the last chapter

Three personalities fight with each other in the Superhouse Shigaraki and Tamaki. They both can feel each other powers and are subject to debate and fight them. He calls for the big 3 to defeat Shigaraki. So the big 3 work together to rescue Bakugo and return him to best Jeanist.. despite being injured badly Bakugo continues to see and witness the fight.

Mirio and Shigaraki came into the clash and hit the villain. It also gives some views of Tenko as he takes control of Shigaraki ‘s body.

What will happen in the next chapter

The news is all out about the next chapter of my hero academia. This is expected to show the most important heartfelt and dangerous deaths of some important people. As in the last episode Bakugo through himself to a fight against Shigaraki. And this will show what is gonna happen further between these two will the hero die or will win, as expectations of the final arc?

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