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Kaguya Sama : love is war chapter 272 new updates

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The synopsis

This series is a romantic comedy that is available on Netflix. There is a student Council president Miyuki, and vice president Kaguya they both are each other love interests but their Pride comes in between when they’re about to confess each other’s feelings. This series was aired in 2019 on the 12th of January. Written by Aka Akasaka. Its second season was aired in 2020. The premise goes around for a Senior High School where these two school-going kids fell in love with each other and started liking each other’s presence around them. The story follows how they teas each other entice each other and follow schemes to make the other half confess what they feel.

What was in Chapter 271

For these two high school students love is a war. As they keep on trying to make the other one lose any time as he or she will first confess their feelings. The next chapter is going to be continuing what was left behind in the last chapter ending.

The cast

  • Miyuki
  • Kaguya
  • Chika
  • Ishigami
  • Havasaka
  •  Nagisa
  • Tanuma

These are some side characters that add a pinch of salt, fun, and hysteria to the plot of the story. As they create a love triangle and trick the whole committee of councils in the High School as well as many others they both are arrogant and are despite a feeling to defeat each other as it may take anything to do. These schemes and tricks that they play with each other multiple times in the chapter are very beautifully written and keep you engaged with a very common phase of a human’s life and change in the behavior when you fell in love with somebody. But in this case, this is not a one-sided feeling they both know it and just are waiting that the other one should confess and lose.


What’s Brewing inside the head of creators

This chapter is going to be about Chika Fujiwara

Another Main character as she is the third person in the couple and this chapter is going to show the traits and how notorious she is personally full stop there will be no plot in the next chapter. And this will show a meeting between the important to characters Chika and Kaguya. And they will be sharing some good screen time showing their interest in their photography with each other to the next level. This chapter is also much awaited by the fans and it was aired in Japan on 5th August and in Europe and Canada on 4th August and their respective versions. The creators have confirmed that the Manga will be released soon and the fans are very much excited to know about the chapter.

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