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Kengan Omega chapter 169 – updates of the chapter release.

Must read

The plot

It is a Japanese Manga series that was illustrated by Daromeon. Since the Gladiator Arena has existed in various forms all over the world will be businesses owners and merchants fight for it to own it at the atmos combat and if given the winner is called a kengan. Yamashita our protagonist is a common man who earns is normal salary and does a corporate job at the nogi group and Ashura is scouted out by the CEO of this group. Due to several fights and several defeats with the previous fighters in the streets. Oh joins the arenas.

Kengan annihilation tournament under the CEO s invitation. As this tournament goes on he has to show the skills he has. What the story is totally about is the struggles he is going to face and the mysterious past that haunts his struggle to manage.

The characters are well returned in the Manga they all have some serious issues of life, some backdrop past, their hindrances, the problems they face day to day, and then how they fight in the arenas.

  • Oh- the fighter
  • Yamashita- salaryman of nogi group
  • Hideki- CEO of the group
  • Akiyama- personal secretary

These all add some spices of their characteristics into the story.

The chapter release

As it was seen the last time the story of the tournament was that only 8 fighters one in line for this match. But the Koga and Silba are two interesting fighters and competitors that will make this chapter the most fun to view. The entire stadium is behind Koga we can also see some practice sessions that are going to happen in the stadium also we can see the sequence of him winning the match. Now that all the matches have been scheduled up tightly Koga would be fighting with Silba only four matches are going to be commented there is a pretty chance that Koga will win and that’s what everybody is looking forward to.

Ryuki will also play a match and it will catch some limelight too. The whole scene is illustrated very beautifully in the chapter and the Manga seems to be great and its terms. It is a worth reading series and it is available in both Japanese and English versions. This chapter was released on Wednesday, August 3rd and the English translations were out the very next day the reviews are also very good and fans seem to like what they have witnessed as the readers of the chapter the chaos that is created around the winning and the losing between the fighters in the arena is beautifully showcased. All the fighters do their best to win but what are the circumstances that lead to their defeat if you want to know just go and read this chapter.

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