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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 87-Spoilers, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know.

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Mercenary Enrollment Manga is a Japanese anime written by YC and the illustration is done by Rak Hyun. You can watch anime on the online platform. The anime was published by the JHS Studio. It was first published in November 2020 in the Naver Series, it is a platform that publishes comics books. The anime has also been released on the Naver Webtoon in the Korean language.


Plot of the series

Moving on to the story of the anime, is about Ijin Yu, a young boy who at the age of eight loses his parents in a plane crash and then has to survive alone in an unknown land but forcefully. He was forced to agree with a deal that if he wants to stay alive he has to be a mercenary. After ten years he came back to Korea to reunite with his family since it was a happy place for him. But since he is now in his teenage years so he will soon realize that life is a lot different now. He went to high school for just one year but still was able to master new and upgraded tactics to maneuver. So the story now will add to the adventures that he will face in his school life.  


In the previous chapter of Mercenary Enrollment, we saw that the chapter opened with Ijin sitting in the office of the SW group’s head. They gave him an offer to become a part of their inner circle which includes the director. But his answer didn’t change. He also clarified that he wanted to do as his grandfather wanted, work hard and earn a healthy living. When he was heading back he was questioned by two agents about his clearance in the office of the President.



Meanwhile, Yuna came to know that his brother Yeongho Oppa was seen in the building of SW. Also, Yeongho met the president afterward. Their meeting was about several important topics including security and Yuna’s kidnapping. By the last arc, we saw Ijin meet Yuna in the training hall and Yeongho too walked into them. Then by the end of the chapter, we saw that Ijin came to know that the Yuna feared Yeongha the most.


The next chapter’s storyline includes a lot of new villains. The chapters start with a doubt that the man did not seem to be a casual member of the group SW. But as soon as the chapter ended we got all the things cleared. He seemed to be a happy and cheerful brother but wasn’t the one like that. In spite, he was the one who Yuna was most afraid of. This shows he must have been really rude to her in the past.

What's new ?

Also, Yuna will share her childhood stories and memories with Ijin. So the next sequel of the story is going to focus mainly on the past sequences. Yeong used to bully Yuna, this is also got revealed in the story. We will also see Ijin reuniting with his grandfather and having a conversation with him.

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