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Please Go Home Akutsu-san Chapter 116: The Unexpected Twist.

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Please go home, Akutsu-san. Chapter 115: The Kiss

In the last chapters, fans saw that Akutsu’s parents wanted to meet her close friend, whom she visited often. The meeting was completely different; there was nothing as strict as Ooyama had imagined. The parents were reminded of their early love days. This was a twist in the plot.

Please Go Home Akutsu-san Chapter 115 starts from the point where Akutsu’s parents left Ooyama’s house. Riko pointed out that he was behaving awkwardly in front of her parents. It was natural to act in this manner, but he was nervous as well. Ooyama immediately refuses. She was embarrassed after Ooyama said how she acted when she was drunk.

Later, Ooyama regretted and realized that he should not have brought up the topic. Akutsu asks Ooyama about how she acts when she gets drunk. Ooyama decides not to tell her anything as she would be filled with guilt. But he still told her that she kissed his cheeks multiple times. And then the chapter ends with Riko thinking that she wanted her first kiss to be special.

Here is an introduction to Please Go Home Akutsu-san.

Katee Kudasai! Akutsu -san translated as “Please Go Home Akutsu-san,” is a Japanese manga series illustrated by Taichi Nagaoka. Since July 2019, it has been serialized by Kadokawa Shoten on the Young Ace Up manga website. The story follows two high school students, Ooyama and Akutsu. Ooyama is a timid boy who lives on his own. She forced herself into his apartment. She claimed his bedroom as her after-school hangout spot. She enjoys taking naps in his bed. She enjoys her time there while reading books and having snacks and drinks. Ooyama left with no other option. He deals with her antics. The two grow comfortable in each other’s company.

Please Go Home Akutsu-san Chapter 116: release date.

Fans believed that Please Go Home Akutsu-san Chapter 115 was longer than usual. Possibly the longest chapter until now. Despite being long, it was interesting to read. Fans are expecting more cute moments between the two in the upcoming chapters. Please Go Home Akutsu-san Chapter 115 is set to be released on the due date of August 12, 2022. International fans will be able to read the next chapter on the official pages of Kodansha.

What is going to happen in Please Go Home Akutsu-san Chapter 116?

There might be a possibility that the storyline of the next chapter will be quite different from the previous chapters. As Riku comes to know about her actions, she will try to control her behavior. They might end up marrying each other in the future, just like Akutsu’s parents. Their relationship is accepted by Akutsu’s parents. They were also getting closer to each other. Their conversation in the next chapter is going to be interesting. The fans can’t wait anymore to see the growing chemistry between the two.

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