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Scissor Seven Season 4 announced? Release Date, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Scissor Seven:

Originally in Chinese and mandarin, Scissor Seven is also known as Killer seven in the above languages. Animated from Sharefun Studio, created and written by He Xiaofeng has a total of 3 seasons with 30 and more episodes in each. It was released under the name of Scissor Seven on Netflix which is where one can go if they wish to watch the series.

Scissor Seven

Season 4?

After having a breakthrough international release in January 2020, the third series has already been binged and re-watched by most of the show’s fans, which shows to say that they are eager for the 4th season!

Although there hasn’t been an official Season 4 announcement publicly, there are several sources that do confirm the fact that the author and series producers plan to have the series with a total of 10 seasons. As the series is originally Chinese and comes to from an independent studio the decision to renew said show is not in the hands of Netflix.

Fan Reaction?

After its debut on Netflix, Killer 7 as it was known in China, received a huge amount of praise and has been declared as one of those anime that are worth watching. It has received a stellar 8.5/10 on IMDb and other platforms as well. The series is extremely popular that even online group threads and discussions take place, discussing the future of the show.

The process of releasing the show is after its initial Chinese release and the Netflix release. The showrunner and producers plan to expand this into smaller franchises that include concerts, comics, and plays, with sequels for the other characters and developing their stories too.

Release Date?

Unfortunately, an official statement has not been released regarding the season 4 confirmation, but many anticipate it in the summer of 2023. But many are of the reason that the production of the 4th season may be pushed back as a movie of the same is set to release on the coming year, so all hand will not be available for the season as much as it would be for the movie. The fans have been aware of this movie after Xiaofeng was interviewed about the future of the show.
All fans must wait with bated breath for the announcement of the 4th and upcoming season and keep patience!

All the best for avoiding spoilers and happy watching!

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