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Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Season 1 Episode 4-Is the new kid here? To know watch here

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The plotline of Episode 2:

The episode opens with Zoey Hanson, a typical high school girl, out with her crush, Mark, who turns out to be one of the most well-liked lads in school. Mark is interested in endangered species, so the two of them visit an exhibit about it. While Zoey continuously worries about what to say next to him, he seems entirely at ease with her. The scene switches to two young adult males watching her as they pass by an archway with an odd golden cat statue on it.

episode 2

Soon after, Mark and Zoey depart from the museum in favor of visiting a park. Zoey claims she needs juice, which Mark gets for her, in an attempt to cover up her disappointment from believing Mark was going to kiss her when he instead launched into an ardent speech about wanting to preserve the earth. She notices a “lovely establishment” in the distance, which turns out to be Cafe Mew Mew; in the meantime, the two young men—who are disclosed to be Elliot and Wesley—inside Cafe Mew Mew turn on a “genetic stimulator” when they notice that Zoey is by herself. Then a huge tower with a red light on top emerges from Cafe Mew Mew, and the ground starts to tremble.

Later, when she finally wakes up, she notices that Mark is still by her side and that it is dusk. He offers to walk her home from the train station after telling her that he spent the afternoon listening to her snore and watching the clouds. Before suddenly recalling that she was meant to meet Mark before kendo class that morning, Zoey disagrees with her friends Megan and Mimi when they both describe the date as terrible. The three friends are surrounded by a large group of girls when they find themselves in the back. As Megan chastises Zoey for her stupidity, Zoey pulls out photos of herself and Mark from the exhibit on endangered species and smiles at the others.

Several unusual occurrences occur to Zoey throughout the day, including taking a fish by the mouth at lunch and dozing off for more than an hour in class. She idly fears that she is changing into a cat, and when she finds it difficult to converse with Mark without bringing up cats, she becomes even more convinced that something unusual is happening to her.

Zoey wanders alone through the park before sensing weird energy and an intense want to rush into the forest. She is convinced that by going back to where she fell asleep, she would be able to help herself.

How does the Episode conclude?


Mark appears to have been seeking her when she finds him, but she is unable to get to him. A bizarre, translucent thing is seen by the audience floating through the forest behind Mark before it merges with a rat that is waiting by the trash. An abrupt burst of light reveals that Mark, who is standing in a misty circular clearing, has finally caught up to Zoey. However, the viewer suddenly startles and notices a large shadow that appears to be a mutant rat silhouetted against the mist. The rat attacks Mark, knocking him out, and as Zoey goes over to see if he’s okay, the rat turns on her.

He forces Zoey out of the tree despite her objections after telling the dumbfounded girl that she must fight the rat. Elliot claims that she has “the animal instinct” and throws what he refers to as a “power pendant” at her after she manages to land on her feet. He then starts the metamorphosis process, and Mew Zoey battles the mutant rat while possessing the DNA of an Iriomote Wildcat. She uses the attack “Strawberry Bell! Full Power!” and her Strawberry Bell, which she constructed from the bell on her tail, to beat it. The jelly-like entity is then swallowed by a pink, fluffy creature that eventually reveals out to be R2000/Mini-Mew as Elliot congratulates her on eliminating it and coming up with a “superhero slogan.” The rat then returns to normal.

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