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What happens in Episode 3 of When will Ayumu make his move!!

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For Ayumu and Senpai, love is in the air. And now it appears that in episode three of When Will Ayumu Make His Move, Ayumu will finally admit his emotions for Urushi. The fact that the couple is plainly in love with each other and that we can see this is what sets the anime apart. The main theme is teenage love and how endearingly they strive to keep it a secret from one another. However, it appears that they will eventually reveal their heart. So, here’s all you need to know about the next excursion.

As a result, we anticipate Ayumu taking Urushi out on a casual date in the third episode. They will talk about their feelings for one another as well as their preferences. It will be interesting to follow their shogi club’s development in the meantime and see how far they go to attract new members.

What will happen in Episode 3 of When Will Ayumu Make His Move?


Takeru appears to be hypnotized by Sakurako, although it doesn’t appear like she can maintain this state for very long. However, Urushi will welcome the addition of the fourth player to their shogi club, and Ayumu will go to any lengths to please his senpai. Together, they will rejoice at the news, but Takeru will soon come to his senses, which will ultimately cause problems for them.

Additionally, When Will Ayumu Act? The third episode, “Hatsu Deto ga Shitainode,” makes a date between Ayumu and Urushi appear likely.
She will be delighted to hear that Ayumu will ask her out. She will discuss this with her friend and assume Ayumu likes her despite his efforts to conceal it. On the other hand, Urushi has developed feelings for Ayumu, and their casual date will elevate their relationship. They will play shogi after school once more, and Urushi will prevail. Ayumu’s goal will be delayed, but his feelings for Urushi will only intensify.

Recap of the previous episode:

episode 3

As previously stated in When Will Ayumu Move? On Sports Day in Episode 2, Urushi’s buddy Rin Kagawa mocked her for hanging out with Ayumu. Ayumu performed admirably in his tournament as anticipated and inspired additional youths to join their group. However, when Urushi began informing them about the shogi club, they refused to take part. But Ayumu assured Urushi that eventually, everyone would become aware of their group, which both encouraged Ayumu and made Urushi pleased. The three-legged race will soon start.

They both held each other frantically, which caused them to trip. But after facing a hurdle that frightened her, Ayumu carried Urushi. Later, Sakurajo hypnotized Takeru in the library. for Takeru to join their shogi club.

They soon concluded that they couldn’t possibly walk home together. Ayumu then informed Urushi of the club’s new members, which quickly caused for celebration.

What is the release date of episode 3?

Urushi afterward made a fool of herself by declaring her admiration for the shogi piece carrying Ayumu’s name. How Soon Will Ayumu Act? On Friday, July 22, 2022, at 1.33 a.m. JST, the third episode, titled “Hatsu Deto ga Shitainode,” aired. Both BS-TBS and TBS air the anime. On HIDIVE, it may be streamed by audiences worldwide.

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