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Will Ayush Make his move? Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Will Ayumu make his first move?

This is a manga series illustrated and written by Sōichirō Yamamoto, it was serialized in March 2019 and now it is adapted into a series anime since July 2022 by the studio Silver Links. The story follows the genres of romance, friendship, and comedy; a love story between a young boy and his senior.


Episode 6 Information you must know!

Since its initial release in July 2022, the show has received stellar reviews that fans are now recommending on all social media platforms and online sites. The most recent episode that aired was on 5th August 2022, the next episode that is episode 6, is set to release on 12th August 2022. Fans may watch “When will Ayumu make his move?” on CrunchyRoll and Tokyo Max, otherwise it is also available on online internet sources.
This new coming-of-age rom-com has become an easy and comfortable watch for many to the point where a strong fan base and rapport have been built of the same for the show!

As the trend goes, “When will Ayumu make his move?” is also an anime adapted from a manga. Hence fans were slightly worried about this slice-of-life manga and whether the studio would be able to maintain that essence of it within the show. Suffice to say they have done a pretty good job of maintaining the elements that fans loved in the manga and that is visible in the show too! Many fans hope to see the arc of the story being similar to that of the manga, after the teaser of the series many fans called out and pointed out the interesting characters, visuals, and smooth following story, which led to them streaming and recommending the same all over the internet: in online group discussions and threads available on a platform like Reddit.

Fan Reaction?

Although the manga had received a lot of love and popularity from its initial release in March 2019, after the studio announced the anime adaption it too received a lot of support and excitement from the fans and when the time came, the anime too did not disappoint! The fans have rated “When will Ayumu make his move?” A solid 7.5/10, and have called it an easy-going watch. A show that doesn’t require a lot of head-banging but at the same time grips the audience with its story, dialogues, and reactions, this too is recommended for a comfortable watch.

All the best for avoiding spoilers and happy watching!

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