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Black Clover Chapter 334-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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The most talented demon of all time, Lucius is shown to have a human spirit inside his body in the previous chapter. He perceives a harmonious world in which all things coexist. But he needs to get rid of his other half to find that tranquility.

That other half, Julius, is the one who will stop him from achieving this. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re a fan of Black Clover and are eagerly awaiting chapter 334. Here are all the details, including any spoilers, concerning the upcoming Black Clover manga chapter.

Back in the present, Asta is shocked to meet the wizard king and declares that he is not Julius but rather a different person. Because of his Anti-Magic, Lucius tries to stop time with his magic but is unable to do so. Asta, according to him, is the weak link in his plan to destroy humanity and build a new one. Asta vows that to overthrow Lucius and rescue Julius, he would employ all methods required to defeat the wizard king.


Fans will be pleased to learn that the release date for Black Clover Chapter 334 is August 21, 2022. This chapter is available for reading on the Black Clover manga’s official website, Viz Media, and the Manga Plus app. The reading of Chapter 334 will begin on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Central Time.


By August 18, 2022, the raw scan of Black Clover chapter 334 will be available. The large magic knights will seek to help Asta in the next chapter as he defends himself against Lucius. The Clover Kingdom will witness a significant battle in the forthcoming chapter. Lucius reveals himself and admits that Julius is no longer alive when Asta asks who he is. Then he discloses his ultimate scheme, in which he and his brothers would exterminate humanity before rebuilding it.

The human beings they create would be equally matched in all respects, he continues. Asta is referred to as having a flaw because he was nurtured without magic by Lucius, who identifies himself as the supreme Wizard King. Asta asserts that the Wizard King he knows won’t go down without a fight. He is superior to the Wizard King, said Lucius. Asta reacts by saying that he will soon surpass the Wizard King.


In his newborn body, Lucious has two souls. Even though Lucious and Julius share a body, they can still speak. Lucius points out Asta’s lack of magic as a flaw in his assertion that he is the last Wizard King. They will generate new people who will be distributed equitably in all respects.

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