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Chapter 363 of Boko No: My Hero Academia has been postponed? New release date, and other information inside.

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When will My Hero Academy Chapter 363 be released?

Due to a holiday at Shuiesha’s office, the next chapter of this series is on break. As you already know, this series is published by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, including Black Clover and One Piece. Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine publishes new chapters every Sunday. But this time, fans will have to wait a little longer than usual to read the upcoming chapters of My Hero Academy. Japanese fans will be able to read the chapter on the official release date, and international fans, will get the English translations for the latest chapter on the following date in time.

PT time on Sunday is 9:00 a.m.

11:00 a.m. central time on Sunday

5:00 PM Sunday (British time)

Where to read?

Readers can read the latest chapter on Shuiesha’s English manga portal, MangaPlus. Many fans use the Viz Shonen Jump app and Mangaplus’s official app to stay up to date on their favorite series. Below is a link provided to you where you can read the previous and latest chapters of Boko No: My Hero Academia.

The manga series has been licensed by Viz Media in North America. So, it’s a safe and legal platform to read the series. Viz Media published the first volume on August 4, 2015, and since then it has notified the readers about the latest updates.

Do you know about the series?

Boko Know My Hero Academy, or Boku No Hīrō Akademia, is a Japanese superhero manga series. It is written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The story is centered around a boy named Izuku Midoriya who was born without a Quirk. Quirks refer to superpowers in the series. But he still dreams of becoming a superhero. All Might, Japan’s greatest hero recognizes the boy’s potential and helps him to enroll in a prestigious high school for superheroes. It was a huge hit and inspired numerous manga, such as My Hero Academy: Smash!!, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes and My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions. It was also the inspiration for a television series by Bones. Since July 2014, My Hero Academy has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

A recap of My Hero Academia chapter 362.

“Light fades to rain”, Chapter 362 of My Hero Academy is titled. Bakugo develops a technique called Cluster. The Cluster Bomb gives him great strength and speed than before. He compares himself to Deko in that state. Shigaraki is even more powerful, with the pro heroes struggling hard to bring him down. Bakugo was left with no other choice. So, he uses his most powerful move. Shigaraki strikes Bakugo right in the chest, forcing him to roll down on the ground and cough up blood.

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