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Check out if Kazuya lies to Mami in Rent a girlfriend season 2 episode 4

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Things are about to get more intriguing with Mami Nanami’s appearance in Rent-a-third Girlfriend’s episode. Kazuya and Mizuhara believe they are secure at this point because they managed to avoid Mami by hiding inside the house.

However, using her extraordinary photographic memory, Mami was able to recognize a white purse and deduce whether Mizuhara was at Kazuya’s residence. The fourth episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 is named “Night and Girlfriend,” and this article will quickly analyze each of the three tales that make up the show.

What happens in Episode 4?

epi 4

Kazuya’s lack of astonishment was due to his knowledge that Mami had discovered Mizuhara’s line of work. Due to the possibility of things spiraling out of control, Kazuya is unable to disclose any information about what is happening between Mizuhara, him, and Mami. Kazuya also worries that if Mami learns that he is hiring Mizuhara, he will embarrass himself beyond recognition and be labeled a loser.

Mami was skeptical of Kazuya’s frenzied actions when she was asked about Mizuhara. She also found it difficult to accept the falsehood of the studies. Even though Mami concluded that perhaps the bag was from Mizuhara, she is unable to confirm it.
Ruka, who planned to make curry for Kazuya, met him on the way home.

The latter purchases all the ingredients required for the meal and even takes it slightly beyond by purchasing pricey items, which Kazuya pays for out of his wallet.

Does Ruka Stay over at Kazuya’s apartment?

Ruka began to prepare food for Kazuya with uncontrollable passion, even substituting beer for the cooking wine that had alarmed the latter. But the meal was exquisite, and Kazuya couldn’t stop complimenting Ruka’s culinary abilities.

episode 4
Kazuya looked at Ruka’s phone after they had finished eating and while they were watching TV to learn that she would be staying the night. Ruka was unable to flee the city despite Kazuya’s best efforts because of an unanticipated typhoon that had just hit.

Ruka spends the night as she had originally intended, but she becomes enraged by Kazuya’s worry that his neighbor, Mizuhara, would become aware of the situation. Ruka keeps raising her voice to get Mizuhara’s attention to upset Kazuya. Kazuya was fortunate that he was able to maintain his wits under control.
Ruka accidentally pulled out the contraceptives she had previously bought from her bag as she attempted to show Kaguya a photo of her and her companion. Kazuya is so terrified by the circumstance that he turns out all the lights and falls asleep in the kitchen while encasing himself in a blanket in the shape of a burrito.

How does the episode end?

Ruka lies close by him as he attempts to fall asleep. The latter try every strategy in the book to win over the earlier, but gradually she gives up and declares herself an annoyance. Ruka believes she is beneath Mizuhara and falls short of Kazuya’s expectations.
Ruka is informed by Kazuya that she is among the most attractive girls he has ever encountered by his decision to decline his offer. The latter also admits that the first individual to have ever liked him unreservedly is the former. Ruka loudly thanks Kazuya before leaving his flat the following morning to get Mizuhara’s attention. Mizuhara had been listening in all this time, but Kazuya was unaware of it.

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