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Earthchild Chapter 25 Spoiler, Release Date And Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

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People are loving reading the new Shonen Jump manga series Earthchild, which is becoming more popular. The Earthchild chapter 23, which was packed with intriguing story turns and concluded on a major cliffhanger, had all of their followers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

As a result, we have acquired all the data for the following Earthchild chapter. Read this article to find out when Earthchild’s chapter 24 will be available.

Release Date Of Chapter 25. 

There is a tangible sense of expectation for this new manga series. After chapter 23, fans eagerly anticipate the publication of Earthchild chapter 25, which will be accessible starting on August 21, 2022.

Chapter 25 Spoilers. 

There aren’t many indicators regarding what will happen next in the most recent chapter. In contrast, Mission: Peak-a-Boo ended up being a success.

This contradicts our earlier hypothesis that Mamoru’s parents perished. Kareri has survived, therefore Reisuke should be a problem.

It would be awful for fans if Shinkai decided to stop him permanently. It now makes sense when Momoru talks about his father in the future.

Since Shinkai has so far protected our hearts, there is a remote chance that Reisuke will live if a miracle occurs. Albert’s situation isn’t looking good at all. It will be fascinating to see if Shinkai decides to exclude him from the Earthchildren’s rules now that his mission has been completed.

The crucial aftermath of the mission will likely be the focus of the upcoming chapter, which will most likely take place on Earth.

Recap Of Chapter 24. 

Reisuke is still eager to spend what little time he has with Kareri in this episode. Kareri, though, is unwilling to give. She is able to recognize that being close to Reisuke strengthens her talents because of her unwavering resolve. She is strengthened by his admiration and devotion to her.

She tore open the meteor and grabbed Reisuke when he fainted and fell. Kareri’s return represents everyone’s objectives being met. Her telekinetic abilities save them from the dangerous meteor shower.

Kareri hurriedly tries to restart Reisuke’s respiration as they approach the earth. When they arrive at the planet’s surface, Katagiri and his team have already started looking for them.

Reisuke is discovered dead in Kareri’s arms, shocking everyone. Albert hasn’t been located yet, too.

Once more, the tale ends dramatically with Kareri wailing aloud and holding her husband’s lifeless body.

Where To Read This Manga. 

Additionally, Viz Media and Manga Plus both have access to every chapter of the new manga series Earthchild.


The plot of the brand-new manga series Earthchild is based on the sci-fi and romance genres. Reisuke Sawada, a typical human kid, falls in love with a girl from another world who is a superhero and defends Earth. This is the main plotline. And enough, after the stark contrast in situations, abilities, and capabilities, both parties attempt to comprehend the perspectives of the other.

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