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Kaguya Sama love is war chapter 276 Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Chapter 276

As the earlier chapters of the series have been released recently. Everybody seems to like it. As everything changes drastically.

After Unyo’s introduction, everything seems to be changed as now there is a third person between Kaguya and his father. To save her father she will do anything.

Love is war

In the last part

Miyuki is regarded as a genius and tops the high school. Everyone in school thinks she and Kaguya is a good pair.

And both of them begin to find Each Other attractive and get affectionate toward each other.

The war in the love begins with their common antiquity and the pride they take for themselves.

The countdown

It will be released on August 19, 2022. Widely available in Europe Canada and USA. It will be available in both the language Japanese and English. Fans are counting every moment. It will be a little too long to wait for.

This series keeps you engaged with the cute story of these two high school goers. And how they manage to create chaos in comfort for each other.


The developed feelings between these two are very chaotic.

As none of them is willing to admit or confess. They both are very confident about what they are up to.

They both know very well how to trap the other person.

And make them struggle in their daily lives. The spoilers are being regulated on the internet. But it will be of fun and hysteric premise.

The characters

Miyuki, Kaguya, Chika, Ishigami and others.

As was visible in the previous chapters Chika is the third angle of the love triangle. And her character is explored very well in chapter 272.

The main characters Miyuki and Kaguya believe that there is only one winner. And they are so prideful that none wants to lose.

These two have created a war. And there is no compassion left in their nature. And are very eager to make the other confess.

The reviews

People seem to like it a lot. And the previous chapter has also been released recently.

These all updates have created hype amongst the fans. The characters are charming as well.

To watch the series is available on Netflix and time 2 Seasons have been aired. The series began in 2019 and still running. Fans came to love the series as well as the Manga.

It is also been confirmed that the makers will be releasing the third season soon. There will be new arcs that will be seen further.  All this will lead to character development.

The manga is widely available on various internet platforms to read.

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