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Kajju No.8 Chapter 69 [leaked online] check out the latest chapters

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Kajju No.8:

Kajju No.8 or as it loosely translates to Monster #8, is slowly and steadily rising in terms of popularity and a great fan base. Initially released in July 2020, has managed to gain a lot of fans in the most recent times and has amassed a total of 7 volumes, which is a great feat. Kajju No.8, written by Naoyma Matsumoto, and is published under ShonenJump+.


Chapter 69 Delayed?

Kajju No.8 or Monster #8 is released on a bi-weekly basis every Thursday, the next release date for chapter 69 is expected to release on September 1st, 2022. The chapter is set to be released two weeks after its original release date, this is because the author has announced a 1-month break or hiatus for him to focus on character building and developing an arc for the future of the series. One can find the series on the official ShonenJump+ app available on App Store and Play Store or even on Mangaplus, and other internet sources and sites.


Kajju No.8 follows the genres of adventure, science fantasy, and surprisingly friendship and rivalry too. The story revolves around a city where monsters exist who are called Kajju, and a Japanese Defense Force is assigned to eliminate and fight them. The plot and premise seem very interesting that have people had fans alike hooked to it, for them to tune in every week on Thursdays to read and devour it up!

Fan Reactions and Reviews?

Fans have lauded the show with a lot of praises and stellar votes that have led it to rank 3rd place in the Top 10 mangas of 2021, fans have also mentioned the plot to be unusual and interesting and “something new”! Seasoned fans have voted it to be a strong 8.5/10, and many online threads and group discussions are too led on the same, where fans come together to discuss the chapters, and their theories and praise the series altogether.

All in all the future of the series sounds promising and may lead to bigger projects with more merchandise and a bigger market internationally. The series is highly recommended by seasoned fans and is a great start for a beginner! The chapter will be available to everyone after its initial release in Japan and then worldwide depending on its time zones. Suffice to say that the series is worth the read and the hype that surrounds it by the fans!

All the best for avoiding spoilers and happy reading!

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