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Kingdom Episode 14 of season 4 -Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Kingdom’s fourteenth episode marks the midpoint of the season. Both the manga and the anime deal concurrently with military campaigns. Qin Shi Huang’s strategy in the previous episode was to surround the enemy army with all of his soldiers to occupy the area. However, the anticipation among supporters to watch how this onslaught will play out has increased.
Fans can learn what Qin has in mind for the territory he has managed to seize in the upcoming plotline. It is very evident from the headline that Qin will prevail. However, this will be followed by footage from the subsequent outing.

What will happen next in Episode 14?


The following episode of the Kingdom’s fourth season is titled “New Nation.” According to the title, Qin Shi Huang may succeed in obtaining this area and bringing it under the control of his Kingdom. Furthermore, Zhao cannot establish a new country alone by defending their territory. Therefore, Qin has the key to victory. The consequences of the victory will now be shown in Kingdom Season 4 Episode 14.

The warriors of Zhao would be forced to leave the nation. The general populace would be compelled to accept the new King in the New Nation. What Qin desired for the lands he had taken over will become clearer in the upcoming episode.

Recap of the previous episode:

“Movement for Xianyan” was the subtitle for Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13. The Qin Army launched a full-scale assault on the rebels at the beginning of the episode. But it didn’t seem as though things were developing the way they had anticipated. Qin had a stronghold of the army with various men stationed on all sides of the area so that they could attack Zhao from all directions. Included in this was the Qin Shi Huang-led Great King faction.

Then came the Sokoku Faction on the other side. This faction was led by Commander Lu Buwei.


Finally, Qin Shi Huang himself was in charge of the Gomiya army division. Who won this attack was not clarified by the episode’s ending. The cliffhanger, however, indicates that Huang is on the verge of winning the conflict and seizing the King’s domain.

The storyline of Kingdom series:

The history of China’s warring states is the inspiration for the Kingdom’s narrative. This animated series is based on a manga series of the same name. Yosuhisa Hara is both the author and the illustrator. An orphan named Xin is the subject of the historical, militaristic anime The Kingdom. Being the Great General of China’s seven warring states is Xin’s desire because he lost his family in the conflict. He wants to unite China and make these states peaceful. Through this anime, we will discover Xin’s road to realizing his aspirations.

Episode 14 of the Kingdom series has already been released on 5th July 2022. So the fans can watch the episode available online.

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